How to Find Factor, Factorial and Greatest Common Factor on a Calculator?

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Learn all about the concepts of factor and factorial and the different methods to calculate

How to Find Factor, Factorial and Greatest Common Factor on a Calculator?

Finding Factorial on a Calculator

A mathematical function, that is applied to all natural numbers other than zero, is a factorial. The factorial function is represented by an exclamation point following a number, ! as in: 8!

However, the conventional definition of "n factorial" in mathematical terms is "n! = n * (n – 1) * (n – 2) *...* 2 * 1," wherein the "n" is any positive integer. The factorial function is best known for doing repeated multiplication, but the most important way it is used in arithmetic is to count the number of permutations of ‘n' items.

Rather following all the mathematical rules and operation while calculating the factorial of any nur the online alternative factorial calculator is being used nowadays. The use of a factorial calculator with variables is a simplified and time saving method to find factorials of a number. The straightforward method to find the factorial on a calculator is mentioned below.

Enter the Number

The factorial calculator is an effortless method to get the factorial of any number as the only effort you have to put in is to enter the number you want to get the factorial. So simply input the number in the factorial calculator as the main step.


After double checking that you have typed in the required number accurately to find factorial in the input box, click on the calculate option. Clicking the calculate option takes no time and in a blink of an eye the factorial if a number will be calculated.

Get factorial

The moment you press calculate the factorial of your entered number will be displayed as the output. Copy the results and proceed more to get the factorials of other numbers as well using the factorial calculator.

Finding Factor on a Calculator

In mathematics, the factors of a number are whole numbers that when multiplied together generate a different number. For instance, if multiplying 2 and 5 provides 10 as a result then it means that the 2 and 5 are the factors of 10.

The Factoring Calculator determines the factors and factor pairs of any positive or negative integer using a factoring formula that is entered. Simply, all you have to do in order to get the factors of an integer number using the factor calculator is enter the number.

The factor calculator being the easiest approach to calculate the factors of number can also be used to factor algebraic expressions. The factorizations generally carried in algebra are complex and require extra effort in order to factorize.

Thus the best way of factorization of polynomials and even quadratic equations is to solve them on a factoring expressions calculator. However, the simplified procedure is explained below stepwise. 

Input Equation

Following the two step procedure, simply paste your equation or enter the number that needs to be factored out.

Press Calculate

After double checking your equation and arithmetic operations involved in the equation to be exact. Ht on the calculation button to proceed through your calculations.

Get Results

By just clicking on the calculate, the factors of your number and the solution to your algebraic equation will be displayed in the results section. Save and copy the results of your factorization process.

Finding Greatest Common Factor on a Calculator

Now as you have understood the concept of factor and how to find the factor let's move onto the terms Greatest Common Factor. The GCF is usually used in order to denote this lengthy term in mathematics.

The GCF is the largest factor or divisor that is shared by a collection of numbers and is also sometimes called as the greatest common divisor. Thus we can say that the largest number that can divide equally into each of the numbers is what we know as the greatest common factor.

The GCF is found by first calculating all the factors of the first number and then looking for the second number’s factors (if GCF for two numbers is being calculated. Afterwards the greatest number that both the numbers have in common as a factor, is found and that number is the Greatest Common Factor of two numbers.

For any two numbers it's not a lengthy procedure, however, in case of more than two and big numbers it becomes quite a complex and tricky task. Therefore the GCF calculator is an easy alternative for this purpose.

The procedure of finding the greatest common factor on a calculator can be summarized as given below.


First of all input all the numbers whose GCF is needed to be found using the GCF calculator.


Click on the calculate to proceed through the factoring and finding the GCF process in a single step.


After the results have been displayed on your screen you can copy the results. Moreover, not only the results but also all the steps of finding the GCF by factorization will be provided to you using the GCF calculator.

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