How to control sugar level in body, make these 6 simple lifestyle changes

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6 simple lifestyle changes to control blood sugar level

How to control sugar level in body, make these 6 simple lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are the primary guide in regulating blood sugar level. High blood sugar level has diverse ill effects on the body. When left unchecked, can often lead to Diabetes. You can manage your blood sugar level by focussing on these 6 simple, yet effective lifestyle changes in daily routine. 

1). Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is crucial to regulate the blood sugar level. Get plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meat and nonfat dairy products. It's important to choose food with low Glycemic Index such as eggs, barley, lentils, seafood, oats, etc. Reduce your Carb intake and increase fiber intake.

2). Exercise regularly

Physical activity has an important role. It increases Insulin sensitivity and helps your muscle utilise available sugar in bloodstream, thereby, decreasing blood sugar level. Talk to your doctor about an exercise plan appropriate for you. It can be in any form such as briskwalking, running, swimming, dancing or biking.

3). Get enough Good sleep

Good sleep is vital for good health. Poor sleeping habits affect Insulin sensitivity, which in turn, increases appetite and promotes weight gain. Sleep deprivation reduces release of growth hormone and increases cortisol level, altering blood sugar level. Furthermore, good sleep is both in Quality and Quantity.

4). Implement portion control

The more control you have over your serving size, more control you gain over blood sugar level. Practicing portion control makes you eat healthy, lose weight and keep health related problems at bay. Focus on eating only as much as your body needs. This involves:

  • Eating slowly
  • Use of smaller plates
  • Measuring & weighing food
  • Eating half of the usual quantity

5). Regular Check-up

Measure and monitor blood sugar level regularly. Along with that, keep a check on your Cholestrol, Blood pressure and HbA1c levels. Foot and eye examination is also essential. Diabetes raises your odd of Heart, Kidney and Eye disorders.

6). Check Alcohol intake

Alcohol can make your sugar level either too high or too low. As per The American Diabetes Association, women who drink alcohol should not consume more than one drink a day and men who drink should not consume more than two. Some drinks are high in carbs, so have higher risk potential. 



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