You'll totally relate to these 7 things if you're a lazy person

Posted 6 years ago in LIFE STYLE.

We are not lazy, we just love our beds way too much....

You'll totally relate to these 7 things if you're a lazy person
  1.                                          Shubhra Jha 

Lazy people though lazy work out to be the most innovative people you'll see around you because we know tricks to get our chores done without having to budge from our places... 

1. Rule for lazy people

If it's too far for me to get it, I might as well not need it. Be it the TV remote or bottle of water, it has to be within one arm's reach otherwise better luck next time.. 

2. Online shopping has been a boon for us.

We don't like shopping as it requires us to try on clothes in the trial room, going to the shop, walking around all of the things we hate to do. Amazon and  Flipkart have been our saviours as you can never be too lazy to order things without having to budge from your place.. 

3. Cleaning our rooms is a herculean task

Until the situation becomes very dire, we decide to love our rooms in its every form until we have the bed to sleep. 

4. Chilling

We don't need parties to chill. Just a couch, something to binge eat and a good Netflix series is all we need to enjoy our lives. 

5. Food

Even when the ultimate Maggi decides to take longer than two minutes to boil, we start cursing the company for lying about the"  BAS DO MINUTE ", that is our level of patience when it comes to food...

6. Taking a bath

Until and unless we start smelling like bears , taking a bath takes the back seat..  

7. Friday night 

All we dream about throughout the week is about our lit Friday night when we would be able to sleep without setting ten alarms in order to get ourselves out of our beds to save our jobs.. Friday nights are the happiest moments of our lives and we start dreaming about them from Sunday nights....