How to delete Instagram photos online in posts and stories

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How to delete photos from instagram on your computer and phone, online, several at once from the carousel and individually.

How to delete Instagram photos online in posts and stories

How to delete a post, photo and comment on Instagram from your PC

Reading this article, you will learn about one aspect of using Instagram using a computer. It is about publishing and deleting posts as well as comments on this social network via PC.

Of course, not everyone uses the Instagram application on a computer or laptop, and this instruction is created especially for this minority. Moreover, it is not much more difficult to remove photos or videos from a dextop version than from a phone.

How to delete an Instagram post from your computer

So, first of all, go to your Instagram account through the browser on the PC.

Then we choose that publication in Instagram, which you want to delete. Go to it and click on the trifecta in the upper right part of the browser (in the photo is marked with an arrow).

After clicking, a menu of various options pops up. Here you need to hover your mouse cursor over the option "Additional Tools" (shown by the green bar).

Now even more functions are available. Among them, we look for the last one - "Developer Tools" and click on it. In the attached photo, this option is marked in red. Remove the photo is not difficult and not long, but to engage in its promotion to the top is much harder. At Lowcost Smm, which is located at, you can quickly and safely add traffic to your account and raise your entries in the rankings.

After clicking on the "Developer Tools" button, we see a panel with a variety of functions to the right of the Instagram post. The next step is to click on the icon indicated by the pink arrow in the photo. Next, it is immediately necessary to refresh the page with the social network Instagram. To do this, we click on the button marked in blue on the left side of the screen.

Now the view of the Instagram publication itself has changed. Here we click on the triple dot, which is located above the photo or video itself (marked in red).

Of the three items that appear, you should choose the first - "Delete".

Done, the photo is deleted!

How to delete a comment on Instagram on your computer

We hasten to please you, to carry out this is much easier than to remove the publication from the Instagram page.

To do this, also, go to your profile and, then, to the post and comment under which you want to remove.

Now you have to find the comment you want to remove and click on the three dots on the right side of the comment (circled in green in the attached photo).

Here we see a menu of three options, among which you must choose the second - "Delete". Click this button, and the statement is immediately deleted.

How to publish an Instagram post on a PC

First of all, we go to your page in the social network through the browser on the computer and immediately click on the F12 key. It's also possible to right-click "Explore Item." After clicking, you will observe that panel, which is shown in the photo below.

Next, clicking the button indicated by the arrow in the attached photo will take you to the mobile view of the Instagram app.

After converting the browser page, proceed in the same way as on a mobile device: click on the plus sign at the bottom center of the screen, and further actions are similar to what you do when you publish a photo or video to Instagram from your phone.

That's how elementary everything is! We wish you a comfortable usage of Instagram social network on your computer, and if you have any questions - read our articles-instructions in the "Blog" section.

The application now allows you to archive photos and videos. The corresponding option has been added to the individual pages of entries in the menu, which opens by clicking on the vertical ellipsis. Archived content is added to its own private folder, where it is stored until you permanently delete or restore it. The archived snapshot can also be shared in private messages to other users. If you don't have this feature, it will come later after it has been tested on other users.

In the coming weeks, Instagram will also include a search for "stories" published by a certain location (city or institution) or with a certain hashtag. Search results will not show content from closed accounts. A few days ago Snapchat received a similar update with the ability to search for stories published in a certain place, from which Instagram is actively borrowing new features.

Is it possible to remove a photo from the carousel in Instagram after publication: how to do it

How to delete a photo in Instagram in the carousel, interests users who mistakenly placed the "wrong" picture within a single entry. In order not to lose the effectiveness of the tool to promote the account, let's consider the details of deleting pictures from the series.

Two things to keep in mind right away when intending to edit:

  • photo erasure is a one-way affair, i.e., you can't get the images back;
  • standard messenger functionality does not allow deleting a single photo from a publication - the whole record will be deleted.

However, the restrictions imposed by Insta developers have not become an obstacle to the creation of third-party applications that allow you to solve the issue of erasing selected elements of a post.

Can I Remove a Photo from the Carousel in Instagram?

First, let's see what the official client of the social network can offer to users. Changing the picture selected from the entry is the result of the following actions:

  • logging into the Instagram profile;
  • Clicking on the silhouette of the cards for a new publication;
  • clicking on the necessary photo or video;
  • choosing the "Next" button;
  • Is it possible to delete a photo from the carousel in Instagram at this stage? The answer is yes - this is the only place where a person is free to take a step back by clicking on the inscription "Back" and delete unnecessary files;
  • final approval of the content that is planned to be placed within the publication.

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How to delete one photo from the carousel in Instagram: step-by-step instructions

Use the power of Chrome in the computer version of the messenger to solve the actual problem:

  • turn on incognito mode in the web browser;
  • go to "Developer Tools" submenu "Advanced Tools" of the browser settings;
  • click the mobile devices icon ;
  • go to your Insta account;
  • specify the image to be erased;
  • after you have made a click on the picture, the latter opens in a full window;
  • click on the triple dot on one of the rows of photos;
  • in the menu that opens, select the "Delete" command;
  • restart Google Chrome to see the results of erasing the content.

How to do it on your computer

Is it possible to delete photos from the carousel in Instagram in other ways? That's right, Windows 10 is compatible with the official client of the social network, which does the intended work. When you have installed the necessary software, the function of erasing pictures is implemented thanks to the following sequence of actions:

  • log in to the messenger account;
  • click on the carousel to be edited;
  • then click on an individual image from several elements of the set;
  • check the triplet that opens the menu;
  • select the delete button in the displayed list of directives;
  • from now on, the image file is not available in the Instagram feed.

How to do it on your phone

Another effective way to get rid of unwanted content is the program InstaCleaner. The developers of the application have taken care of the needs of inattentive or careless Insta participants. Now, not to delete the entire post at once, you just need to do a number of steps:

  • download and install the software on your phone;
  • type in the registration information from the media-platform profile;
  • at the bottom of the frame go to "Media" section;
  • at the current stage of InstaCleaner you have guessed whether you can delete a photo from the carousel J In Instagram, tap on the picture of interest;
  • Select the "Delete" line.

How to remove a photo from the carousel in Instagram after publication

Introducing another in-house method of erasing images individually. Applies the mobile application:

  • enlarge the picture as part of the carousel;
  • tap on the triple dot in the corner of the scaled image;
  • click on the delete line after the menu is displayed.

That would be OK, but the method is only suitable for Facebook moderators. After all, Mark Zuckerberg's company acquired Instagram. Ordinary mortals have to be content with erasing and re-adding the whole series or using special utilities.



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