Why Should You Learn to GO Lang?

Posted 2 years ago in TECHNOLOGY.

This article will be about Go Lang and my opinions about it.

Why Should You Learn to GO Lang?


Google's open-source, developed and structured query language Go (also known as Golang) was created by Google. It is designed to be easy, quick, readable, efficient, and readable. This article will be about Go Lang and my opinions about it. FITA Academy offers Go Lang Training in Chennai that will give you certification and 100% placement support.

How did we get to existence?

Because things were becoming more complicated in Google's codebases, the Go programming language was born. Go was first announced to the public in 2009. It was made open-source in 2012, when the first version, 1.0 was released. 

Because of its simplicity, readability and efficiency, Go quickly gained popularity and was a popular choice for many developers. It can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Go can be used to program server-side (backend), game development, cloud-based programming, and Data Science. It's also used to create command-line tools. Many tech giants today use Go, including Google, Twitch, and Ethereum. It's not surprising that Heroku, Kubernetes, and Docker use Go, as cloud-based programming was one of the reasons Go was created. Learn more about go lang by joining Go Lang Course in Chennai with certification and placement support.

Why You Should Learn to Go

Easy Learning Curve:

Go is one of the most basic programming languages available. Even if you have some programming experience, it is very easy to learn. I was able to learn the basics of Go in one session. Many developers who are proficient in Go say they can teach a beginner how to create an app using Go. According to the 2020 StackOverflow Developer Survey, Go's simplicity is the reason it jumped five places from 10th to fifth most beloved programming language.

Active community and good documentation

Go provides solid, easy-to-read documentation. The official website has the documentation. Go is not only a documentation platform but also a community that supports and encourages you to get help when you need it. Twitter uses the hashtag #golang a lot. In case you are stuck, tweet your question with the hashtag attached. Conclusion:

Go is a multipurpose programming language that can be used for many purposes, including web development, data science, and cloud computing. You should learn Go if you are interested in a career as a cloud-based programmer. To learn Go Lang Join FITA Academy. It provides you advanced go lang training by the professionals and also provides you course completion certificate with placement support.