How to Identify Spam Calls, How To Report Scam Phone Calls

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How many times have you been sitting at home, or in a coffee shop working on your laptop when the phone rings?

How to Identify Spam Calls, How To Report Scam Phone Calls

How many times have you been sitting at home, or in a coffee shop working on your laptop when the phone rings and saw spam calls and you did report spam calls? You answer it and hear an automated voice spouting off some marketing speak about how they can save you time and money with their amazing new product. These are spam calls - unsolicited commercial messages that come to your landline without any warning.

These are the types of phone calls that people receive, which they don't know who it's coming from and what their intentions are. Sometimes these calls could be legit but other times they're just looking to scam you out of your money or personal information. What can you do about this?

How can I Identify these spam calls?

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Scammers usually use these ways;

The IRS is always on the lookout for people who don't pay their taxes. This type of scamming happens right when tax seasons starts up, and there are several variations to how it goes down: some scammers will pretend they're from police officers or other authorities giving you an ultimatum; others might just show up unexpectedly at your doorstep claiming that payment has been owed since last year but not captured legally through calculations thus leading them into questions about whether this individual could be subjecting himself/herself towards arrest--even though no such action would ever happen without being authorized first! you can Report spam calls which you're not recognised.

Some people are receiving phone calls from so-called experts who say there is something wrong with their computer. The purpose of these fake notifications, like malware or viruses that can be installed on your system without you knowing it and cause serious issues for both the user's productivity as well as security at home/workplace (and potentially gain access to personal information). To get people hooked into checking out this supposed problem they'll request them do a quick scan through any browser which will show minor errors pop up but don't worry - everything should work fine after fixing some things yourself!

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be deputy marshals, saying that they will arrest you because of jury duty and it is really serious business then don't panic. They'll offer an escape route by providing sensitive information like your social security number or credit card numbers which can lead them straight into scammers' hands!

This is a rather clever scam because it tricks people into thinking they will be getting something for nothing. You'll receive an officially-looking letter in the mail offering you money or citizenship, along with instructions on how much to pay as "processing" fee (which can range anywhere between $150-$700). Of course there's no such thing - but that doesn't stop many from falling victim!

What I have to do against these spam call?

You can report against these scammers. Together, we can fight against scammers and protect ourselves from becoming victim. I encourage everyone who has experienced any form of fraud or rip off to visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website for instructions on how best proceed forward!


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