Winter Makeup Trends That Never Go Out of Style

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You must have started feeling the chilly air caressing your body. What does this mean? Well, this means the time of layering sexy leather jackets, classic long coats, and drinking hot chocolate is here. Winter is here! This season, let’s stop overthinking while wearing makeup and be the

Winter Makeup Trends That Never Go Out of Style

In order to do so, we are focussing on the ever-green winter trends that can never leave you in doubt. These trends will double your confidence from adorning lipstick to highlighting your dramatic eyes and what not!

1) Heavy Blush: Blush is considered only a summer trend which is not right. Blush is always trendy, and this winter it is bolder than ever. Heavy blush is perfect for a sun-kissed look, and it can also be applied with a pink-undertone highlighter that gives perfectly flushed and radiating cheeks. For winters, plums and burgundy toned blushers are trendy. You will be amazed how a blush lifts a pale face and makes it all glowy and youthful-looking.

2) Heavy Under-Eye Liner: Another grunge trend is bold under-eye liner. Whether it’s a black eyeliner or any other colour, bold eyeliner has set some serious trends as it gives you a dramatic look. It is an easy way of moving away from the common eyeliner styles. The heavy under-eye liner will add an element of fun to your overall winter look.

3) Hydrating Foundation: While looking for a foundation, don’t forget the season you wear it in. During winters, your skin needs moisturizing and hydrating products. That’s why, you should opt for a lightweight liquid or creamy foundation that keeps the skin comfortable and gives a dewy finish. A suitable foundation helps you get a fresh makeup look and doesn’t make your skin dry or patchy in winter.

4) Bold Lips: Winter is definitely all about bold lipsticks. Bold reds, maroons, plums and browns give you a livelier and confident look than any pastels or corals. Adorning a bold lip colour makes your look more appealing and leaves people wondering about you. You will get a timeless look, and your lips will do all the talking while leaving everyone mum around you.

5) Monochromatic Makeup: Every season has its trend but monochromatic makeup never goes out of fashion. You can pick a colour of your choice that can help you make a fashion statement and start using its shades when applying the eye shadow. The final result will surely give you a jaw-dropping look. Furthermore, matching it with your lipstick and blusher will make you red-carpet-ready.

6) Graphic Eyeliner: Highlighting your eyes can never go out of fashion and decorating them through unique ways using different colours gives you versatile looks. Graphic eyeliner is one of those eyeliner styles that will make you stand out the crowd. It can be applied using striking colours and shapes to get your eyes all the attention. Trying graphic eyeliner, lets you ditch the everyday eyeliner look and be the best of the lot.

7) Siren Eyeliner: Dramatic and charming, the siren eyeliner trend is best done with a perfect blend of eyeshadow to create smudgy-sharp eyes. Its look is like a winged eyeliner stretched out on both the inner and outer corners of the eyes to give a sassy touch.

8) Fluffy Brows: It is the latest trend in brow artistry that can be tried on all shapes of eyebrows. This trend will get famous with each passing day. It is all about soft and natural look. Moreover, it is easy to apply as you just got to use a strong hold gel, stroke your brow hair upwards, and you are done!

Makeup in winters is a bit troublesome for many, and experimenting with it is even more risky. So, it’s better to try something that is already in trend. You can definitely spend your winters feeling confident and fashion-updated with the trendy makeup tips mentioned above. We bet, you will set some major winter makeup goals among your friends.

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