Top 5 Natural Attractions of Chicago

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At first sight, Chicago seems like a typical American megapolis, striving for growth.

Top 5 Natural Attractions of Chicago

If we look under its glossy cover, however, the city will reveal its different, tranquil side. When you are traveling around Chicago, don’t forget to visit some natural destinations mentioned below.

Garfield Park Conservatory

Your most exotic journey around Chicago starts at Garfield Conservatory. It is one of the biggest tropic parks in the USA, housing 600 plant species worldwide. Indoor exhibitions cover almost 2 hectares, while  outdoor attractions cover 4 hectares. Annually many tourists visit the conservatory to see flower shows that occur during season change. Garfield park is also very popular with couples who come for romantic photo shoots.  In addition, thousands of plants are grown to beautify Chicago's urban public areas.  If you decide to travel in a group, 10 passenger van rental Chicago knows what vehicle would be the most suitable. The city has plenty of car rental opportunities, so take a look at the available cars for rent to ensure a pleasant tour.

Chicago Botanic Garden

The trip around the dendrobium can take up the whole day, so better plan it for the weekend. Its premises occupy 156 hectares and it is one of the largest botanic gardens in the US. The garden holds 25 landscapes as well as 4 natural habitats. This natural site sprawls across 9 islands connected by bridges and surrounded by restored forest areas. The peaceful atmosphere of the park will leave you inspirited by a harmonious combination of colors and shapes. Relax your body and soul over a cup of tea, relishing the charming views from the Botanic garden terraces. If you consider coming here with your partner, you could pick up a car rental. The best choice you can make touring around Chicago is renting a car, so check out suitable options.

Lincoln Park

This park is the largest public park in Chicago, stretching for 11 km along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. It is listed among the most frequently visited places in the state by both tourists and locals. A dreary cemetery in the past, the place had been refurbished and turned into a lively cultural spot. Today this vast recreational area is replete with comfortable walking paths, diverse vegetation and magnificent sandy beaches. Don’t lose the opportunity to contemplate a vibrant water show!

Chicago River 

The Chicago River is a network of canals stretching 156 miles. Despite being relatively short, the river presents Chicago's geographic importance. The associated Port of Chicago links the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River basin, leading to the Mexican Gulf. The river used to flow into Lake Michigan, but engineers turned its course in the opposite direction in the twentieth century. The aim was to prevent rubbish from falling into the lake so water would become drinkable. Fun fact: the Chicago River is dyed green on St. Patrick's Day, celebrated on March 17. 

Shedd Aquarium

Reminiscent of the ancient Roman temple of Neptune, Shedd Aquarium is a reviving legend. It was put up on the shores of Michigan Lake and was considered the largest indoor aquarium in the world for more than a dozen years. The variety of marine life is fascinating. There are different species of fish, sharks, corals, molluscs, jellyfish and even whales. Apart from sea fauna, visitors can also observe amphibians, mammals and birds. One can dive into the unique experience with Aquarium’s educational programs about the environment.


Although Chicago is an industrial city with skyscrapers and urban landscapes, it still keeps a piece of nature to share with visitors. It will guide you through the most exotic destinations starting from Garfield park and finishing with Shedd Aquarium. Unforgettable impressions are included, so start packing your bag now!

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