Rise in preference for self-administration of drugs / therapeutics

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A number of drug delivery devices that can be used for self-medication have been developed and introduced into the market. Examples include prefilled syringes, pen injectors, autoinjectors and large volume wearable injectors.

Rise in preference for self-administration of drugs / therapeutics

It is worth highlighting that among the aforementioned devices, prefilled syringes are the oldest and most established range of products. In fact, given the advantages it offers over other traditional drug administration solutions, the applications of this drug packaging and delivery system have increased over the years.


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Fundamentally, a prefilled syringe is a single-dose packet of medication containing a pre-measured dose. It is used as a primary drug container for injectable drugs and vaccines. Some of the categories of drugs packaged in prefilled syringes include blood stimulants, therapeutic proteins, erythropoietin products and interferons. The current demand for safer, easier to use administration technologies along with the industry’s efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency are expected to drive the growth of the prefilled syringes market in future. 


Syringes can be classified as fixed needle syringe or luer syringes. Commonly used prefilled syringes are available as staked needle syringes, luer cone or luer lock syringes.

  • Staked Needle Syringe: A staked needle is an integral part of the syringe and is embedded in a rubber shield to prevent medicine loss. These syringes offer convenience as the user is not required to assemble the needle prior to injection
  • Luer Lock / Cone Syringes: In some rare cases, a protein drug may be incompatible with the needle itself. In such circumstances, prefilled syringes do not have a pre-attached needle and instead have a luer lock / cone closure system where needle is screwed in later. Luer system is the standardized fitting system used to strengthen the joint between a syringe and the needle to ensure leak-free connection and prevent spills. Luer locks have threaded rims which are absent in luer cone. Luer lock adapters (locking hubs) allow this connection. Luer lock / cone syringes require a compatible needle whose hub twists onto the tip of the syringe and locks it in place. This unique locking system prevents the needle from being pulled off from the syringe body inadvertently.


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