What is Dental Science Called?

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The term dentistry comes from dentist, which comes from French dentist, which comes from the French and Latin words for tooth.

What is Dental Science Called?

The term dentistry comes from dentist, which comes from French dentist, which comes from the French and Latin words for tooth. The term for the associated scientific study of teeth is odontology (from Ancient Greek: ὀδούς, romanized: odoús, lit.

Dentistry, the profession concerned with the prevention and treatment of oral disease, including diseases of the teeth and supporting structures and diseases of the soft tissues of the mouth.

Dentistry also encompasses the treatment and correction of malformation of the jaws, misalignment of the teeth, and birth anomalies of the oral cavity such as cleft palate.

In addition to general practice, dentistry includes many specialties and subspecialties, including orthodontics and dental orthopedics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral and maxillofacial pathology, endodontics, public health dentistry, and oral and maxillofacial radiology.

How Long is the Dental Sciences Course?

Bachelor in Dental sciences 4 years program is designed around the conditions, disorders, and diseases of the jaw, oral cavity, and associated structures. General health is widely dependent on oral health, so as a dentist you are affecting the health of the whole body.

The degree is given to those who successfully manage to treat all problems related to an individual’s teeth. The dentist prevents diagnoses and makes sure all dental diseases are cured.

What is BS Dental Sciences?

Dental science is a branch of medicine that is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of different disorders as well as diseases of dental regions. It will mainly focus on structure, development and abnormalities of the teeth. 

Bachelor of Dental Sciences is a five-year program which consists of a competency-based educational plan with emphasis on prevention caring.

So that graduate students, besides sufficient and comprehensive knowledge in up-to-date dentistry sciences, have the skills for visiting patients and treating different kinds of oral and dental diseases. In this program, students learn the diagnosis of different kinds of dental diseases.

Students have opportunities here to learn and practice in the dental labs. On completion of bachelor degree students will have international construction techniques of crown, bridge, implants, dentures, ocular prosthesis, craniofacial prosthesis, orthodontic & Auxiliaries, mouth guards etc.

BDS Full Form?

The BDS full form is referred to as Bachelor of Dental Surgery. BDS is Pakistan's only approved and recognized, highly qualified dental course. Dental Course is a 5-year course that enables the dental science and medical procedure

A bachelor's degree in dentistry is required for students wishing to become dental specialists in a government clinic, medical school, or in the private sector. After the MBBS program, it is the second-most popular course pursued by Biology majors. 

As the title of the course itself implies, BDS Full-Form is a dental degree course after 12th, and it requires similar work, dedication, attention, and preparation as any other medical-related course. Read more here!


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