[PDF DOWNLOAD] How to Hypnotise Anyone - Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

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[PDF DOWNLOAD] How to Hypnotise Anyone - Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

[PDF DOWNLOAD] How to Hypnotise Anyone - Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist




"Finally the hidden secrets of hypnosis unveiled! Did you know that the likelihood is at some point today you have been hypnotised!? Did you ever watch those magician&#8217 secrets shows? At last a book that gives away all the secrets of hypnosis! And most hypnotists don&#8217t know them! You will learn how to hypnotise like a professional! This is a book that will give you THE hypnosis scripts copyright free to keep and use for fun, stage hypnosis or therapy! If you have a voice you can hypnotise someone with words alone! A 100% fail proof method! Who is the Rogue Hypnotist? The Rogue Hypnotist is a top UK hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner working in London, England. He has helped multimillionaires, heads of advertising agencies, top chefs, top racing car drivers, psychotherapists and councillors, law firm associates, film studio owners, Sky TV presenters, journalists, nurses, commodity traders, stock brokers, architects, teachers, sports organisation presidents, waiters, painters and decorators, 16-90 years olds from all over the world. He has an amazing success rate and can help clients in just 1, 1 hour session 99.9% of the time. He wants you to be able to do the same! Novice and expert will benefit from the &#8216hypno-tricks&#8217 within!He remains anonymous for his own reasons&#8230 &#8216How to hypnotise anyone&#8217 is a practical &#8216how to&#8217 book that will reveal to you:1. What hypnosis really is.2. What trance really is.3. What the subconscious really is and how to speak to it. 4. What the basic principles of successful hypnotic inductions really are.5. 2 quick and fun deepeners that will send people through the floor!6. How to really get genuine rapport so people trust you.7. Learn the true language of hypnosis.8. How to have a great hypnotic voice. 9. How to be authoritative without being arrogant. 10. What the &#8216moment of hypnotic surrender&#8217 is. 11. What embedded commands to use and how to deliver them. 12. Learn how to spot the signs of hypnosis that others hypnosis &#8216experts&#8217 don&#8217t teach.13. Learn the &#8216Pleasure Deepener&#8217 &#8211 the best hypnotic convincer there is. 14. Learn how the media, TV and politicians use hypnotic principles on YOU!15. NLP and hypnosis myths will be trashed! Why you need this book.The facts that the so-called &#8216elite&#8217 self-help gurus don&#8217t want you to know are in this book! Knowledge is power! This engaging book will teach you exactly how to hypnotise anyone even if you&#8217ve never done it before! Guaranteed! Unlike the self-help establishment the Rogue Hypnotist is not asking you to pay thousands of pounds or attend boring 4 week lectures to learn the essential skills of hypnosis. He is virtually giving away his secrets for free!It&#8217 time the truth was known! Your hypnosis confidence is just a click away!




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