Student housing checklist: The important key tasks when moving to your new accommodation 

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With a number of excellent colleges, Dublin is both a lovely place to live and a great site for students to pursue higher education. Finding student housing in Dublin can be a difficult task, but we will try to provide student accommodation near Dublin university 

Student housing checklist: The important key tasks when moving to your new accommodation 

Moving to a new accommodation especially when it is your first time can be really difficult. managing all the tasks always feel like they are much harder than they actually are because of their dullness. Scroll to the bottom for quick advice on moving to the new housing.

Make sure you are happy with the inventory:You should receive an inventory at the beginning of the tenancy, which records the condition of the property and what comes with the flat. It is in your best interest that everything is correct as it is used to judge whether you should get the full deposit back when you move out. If something is broken, then you should not be charged to fix it.

Ensure you have a gas safety certificate:Landlords needed to have a gas safety certificate for all the gas appliances in a property and it should be renewed every 12 months. If it has not been sent to you already, ask to see it. All the gas work was carried out in the rented home. If you live in Scotland, your property owner will also need to provide you with an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

 Sort out all the utilities: Reading gas and electricity meters, shopping around the cheaper energy deals, sort out the payment, not the most exciting tasks in the world. However, it is very essential to get everything sorted.

Unpack the bags: Time to make the student apartment Dublin your home. Unpacking is quite overwhelming and you may end up dialing the past version of yourself. Don’t randomly throw them into suitcases and bags. Take on the essentials first, by which we mean things that you cannot live without. For an instance, prioritize unpacking clothes as well as bedding decorative items.

Clean: When you move to a property, it should be clean. If it’s not to a satisfactory standard and you should make a note of it to your landlord. Even if it's sparkling clean, it is going to get a little grimy when everyone has unpacked everything. It is much easier to keep on top of cleanliness than to let it get worse. So, you should whip the vacuum cleaner and clean it around.

Check smoke alarms: Again, this will have been done before you move in. But if you want peace of mind, you might want to check them out yourself. Ensure the owner have been installed the smoke alarms.

Broadband is important: If broadband is not part of your rent price, then you have to get it sorted. It will be something you will want to sort out as soon as possible. Many broadband contracts last for 18 months. however, it is of no use if you probably won’t be living in the property for more than a year. We would recommend narrowing down your search to either 12-month contracts or monthly rolling deals whatever is more flexible.

Do a safety check: When moving to student accommodation Dublin, you should go through an inventory check. Make sure that all the locks work and those windows close safely. If you have any kind of concerns, then you should raise them with your landlord first. As a house, you will probably have a great expensive collection of gadgets so make sure you do not forget this one.

Tell people about your new address: Ensure your birthday cards don’t end up with a stranger. Tell your friends and family where you are living. As well as loved ones, also tell the institutions that are in contact with you like your uni, bank as well as a mobile phone provider.

Decorate: This is one thing that you have to take care of yourself. You need to decorate your room to your own taste. Add some amazing photos, collages, paintings, and whatsoever you like. If you are a music lover, you might want to adorn the walls with posters of your favorite singers. You can also put up photos of your friends and family.

Reassess your student budget: Unless you are paying the exact same amount for rent, bills, or transport, it is worth taking the time to tot up all the expenses to work out how much you need to pay bills or buy groceries. You can always work part-time to have more money to manage your expenses easily.



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