Screambox Com Activate on Roku, Android TV and iOS device

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This is very easy to activate on the scream box you will only follow the instructions which were given to you.

Screambox Com Activate on Roku, Android TV and iOS device

If you like to watch horror movies and many other TV shows. So, use the scream box services which were available for the different types of horror movies from Korea, Japan, Iceland, and Thailand, and many other TV shows also available. To discover hundreds of horror movies that are not available anywhere, you can try the Screambox service for a 30-day free, no-risk trial. After the 30 days trial, you followed the monthly subscription rate of $4.99 and a yearly subscription rate of $35.88 respectively. 

Now the scream box app is available on many devices like mobile phones, tablets, Roku, Smart TV and iOS devices. Screambox provides horror movies at your home.

To watch horror movies on your Roku-connected devices and your Smart TVs you need to add the Screambox app and activate it through

We know you will need full guidance to activate the This full guide will help you how to activate the scream box on Roku, Android TV, and iOs Devices.

Activate ScreamBox on Any Device at

This is very easy to activate on the scream box you will only follow the instructions which were given to you.

If you don’t have an account you will sign up now

  1. Go to the Home page of the Screambox site from your mobile or tablet.
  2. Now, in the top left corner select the SignUp option.
  3. You’ll be on the registration/sign up page.
  4. Enter all the credentials-Your Full Name, Email Address, and Password.
  5. Once you have filled in all the blanks, then click on the Continue button.
  6. When you click on the “Continue,” button you will agree to the Terms and conditions of Use of Screambox and your Screambox account is ready. 

Now you can access your scream box services with your credentials.

If you already have an account on scream box, you will only need to sign in. And for sign-in, you will follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Home page of the Screambox site from your mobile or tablet.
  2. Now click on the Sign-in option on the top left corner of the page.
  3. Now on the sign-in page enter the credentials and click on the Sign-in option.
  4. Now select your premium plan for the subscription. Next, go for the payment and make sure before doing payment read all the terms and conditions about the scream box.
  5. After reading all the terms and conditions you will make the payment successfully.

When you follow all these steps your activation will be completed on

Activate the ScreamBox on Roku 

  1. First thing you have to start the Roku device for activation.
  2. Now, you have to press the home button of the Roku remote.
  3. Then you are on a home page.
  4. Then you have to go to the Roku channel store and then the streaming channel.
  5. Next, select“ Search Channels” from the “Streaming Channels” option and type Screambox in the search box.
  6.  Now press the search button and wait for the result to appear on the screen after searching the scream box.
  7. After the page will be loaded you have to click on the Add channel option to download it.
  8. Then go to the channel and search for the app which you downloaded and launch by clicking on it. 
  9. When you launch it you receive the code on the screen.
  10. Now go to the activation site which was
  11. When you open the site, you will have to enter the code in the given space and have to click on the next button.
  12. Now sign in with your scream box login credentials to complete the further process.

Activate the ScreamBox on Android TV through

Here are easy and quick activation steps to download the scream box from the play store.

  1. Go to the play store to install the scream box app.
  2. Now type in the search box to find the Scream box app.
  3. Now, you can see the scream box app on your screen, then click on the install button on your android phone or where you want to install the app.
  4. After the installation, you have received the activation code on your screen.
  5. Now save the code and go to on your computer or your mobile phone.
  6. Now enter the code and click on the next button.
  7. Now, open the app and sign in to the app with your credentials.
  8. Once again you have successfully activated the scream box on your android tv.

Activate the ScreamBox on iOS devices via

Here’s a step-by-step guide to watching horror movies on your ios devices through

  1. To get started go to the app store on your ios device and download the app.
  2. Now enter the app name in the search box.
  3. Now you will see the app on your displayed screen.
  4. Now, click on the Get Button if you are downloading the app on an ios device.
  5. Now enter the activation code and click on the next button.
  6. Now open the app and enter the sign-in credentials.

If the Scream box app (won’t load or not working properly)

There are different types of issues you will face while using scream box apps.

First Situation

If you have a login or account-related issue, follow these steps.

  1. Maybe the screambox server will be down.
  2. Check your wifi or internet connection.
  3. Maybe you try the wrong credentials for login.
  4. If you use third-party login credentials sometimes it also does not work properly.
  5.  Maybe your account will be banned or deactivated.

Second Situation

If you have an issue with audio/video loading time.

  1. First, check your phone volume if the volume will be full. So, try the headphones.
  2. If you have an issue with video loading time, check your wifi or internet connection.

Third Situation

If you have an issue installing the app.

  1. Check your wifi or internet connection.
  2. Check your mobile storage. If there is no space the app is not possible to install.
  3. Before installing the app make sure that the app will be installed on the android version.
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