How Disney Influence on Children's Culture?

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Raising children is a full-time job, I heard someone saying. As in any job that you want to do well, you will consider different conditions

How Disney Influence on Children's Culture?

Raising children is a full-time job, I heard someone saying. As in any job that you want to do well, you will consider different conditions which will allow you to do great and make sure your children learn good values that will be useful to them in life.

At this time, children are more and more attracted by screens and parents often use these tools when they are busy or don't know what to give their children to do. But the thing that they need to keep in mind is how often and how much the children is using screens and what he or she is watching. Not all cartoons are recommended for children of all ages. So, parents should pay attention and always check what their children are watching.

In the following lines we will talk about why parents should or should not choose Disney cartoons and how these cartoons can be a good influence or a bad influence to their children.

Positive aspects about Disney cartoons

 We  should recognize that there's a lot pf positive aspects about the Disney cartoons.

First of all, they put into the centre good human values and the good is always overcoming. They bring happiness and courage our children to be a heroes . For example, my child always wear Disney Croc Charms and day to day imagine himself as a different hero. This make him pure happy and courage to be a better boy.

Secondly, they are in most of the cases child friendly, not encouraging violence but bringing into the public's attention kindness and love as solutions to the meanness in the world.

Let's take, for example, the cartoon titled Beauty and the Beast. In this story, the kindness and the love of Belle will transform the heart of the mean prince, of the Beast and finally transform even the physical aspect of the prince, as the heart attitude reflects into physical aspect.

Specialists have said that children are influenced by Disney cartoons and they highly recommend this type of cartoons instead of other on the market. They recommend parents to choose one of these cartoons if they want to allow their children to spend time in front of the screen.

Pay attention to this before allowing your children to watch Disney cartoons

We all heard about Frozen, right? And we all love it. Well, Frozen is part of these cartoons that specialists recommended parents to choose for them. These cartoons can be a good choice for bigger children, but not for little children. Little girls, for example, could want to be like Elsa and Anna, and of course, these are good characters at a certain point, but Elsa has super powers that a little girl cannot have, and moreover, these cartoons are also emphasizing a romantic side that not all parents encourage from an early age. As per little boys, we could talk about the same romantic side emphasized in Disney cartoons and which are not always encouraged.

We are mentioning these details and negative points that we have noticed about the Disney cartoons, just in order to allow parents having a whole perspective on the matter.

What can you do as a parent?

All in all, parents should be aware of the importance of cartoons that their children watch and they need to make sure these cartoons are promoting good values and help their children to grow healthy from a psychological point of view.

What parents can do is either to watch those cartoons just before or to make some research before they allow their children to watch them.

They can also install some apps to survive their children's activity on the internet, in order to make sure they are consuming good content.

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