How can I use Google Live Chat?

Posted 2 years ago in Other.

Many people who are using Google chat for the first time may not be aware of the steps of using it.

How can I use Google Live Chat?

To access the full benefits of Google chat, you should know about this feature of chat. However, using google chat is not a big deal; you have to follow some steps that you can learn in this write-up.

What are the steps to get Google chat?

Some easy-to-direct steps can help you to make the process easy. But, make sure that you are following every step. 

  • At first, you have to open a browser and search for the login page of Google chat. 
  • You have to initially provide the details, like username and password. 
  • On the side of the page, you can see options like menu and chat. When you click on the chat, you will be provided with a different box. 
  • Here you can search for the name, and then you can go with the “start a chat” For better function, they also let you search the person by their email id. If the person is already added to the account, you can find that the result shows fast. And you can send the request to the new person too. 
  • You can see the space where you have to enter the text. And at the end, click on the “send” option. 

So, you can see How do I use Google ChatAnd if you could not be able to send the message to the person, you can interact with the person and share the issues with them.