How Directories can help your Cannabis Company's SEO

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In the highly competitive cannabis industry, a simple, well-designed and informative website is not enough to beat the competition.

How Directories can help your Cannabis Company's SEO

In the highly competitive cannabis industry, a simple, well-designed and informative website is not enough to beat the competition. However, compiling effective cannabis SEO strategies for a pharmacy is not easy.

Lead your competition and increase your online reach with effective and consistent search engine positioning - that's it. Local SEO strategies are essential to achieve the best search engine rankings over the competition. As a result, you will get more targeted traffic and more profit for your business.

Below, we will discuss the  most effective cannabis SEO strategies for pharmacies.

Google My Business: Your first step to higher rankings

Despite some of the hurdles you may encounter while trying to get into the Google Maps Pack, it is very possible to include and rank your business on Google Maps using Google My Business.

Google for Doctors My Company MMJ: alternative medicine

One caveat to medical cannabis doctors is that there is no "medical cannabis doctors" category. If so, please select the Alternative Medicine category as it is most relevant and works well for our clients.

Google My Business for Pharmacies: Marijuana Store

Recently, Google launched a category for cannabis outlets: The Marijuana Store. This is good news for pharmacies struggling to attract local SEO traffic, and could also bode good news for doctors as the search giant seems to be slowly moving towards industry trends.

You may have seen pharmacies in the past reporting under "Alternative Medicine" or "Medical Center" as shown below. Not sure what the following company smokes under the "Opticalists" category?

Step 2: Submit your site to multiple directories (Citation Building)

In an older but still relevant article on Local SEO Ranking Factors, the quality and authority of structured citations was listed as one of the most important ranking factors for a stable business.

A quote only mentions a business on the web and one of the best ways to get it is with Yelp!, Bing, YellowPages, FourSquare, etc. directory listings. You can choose to create the directory listings manually or use an SEO agency. B. Assigning them, like Fide, to do them for You.

Generate quotes on Canny specific directories

The directories mentioned above (Yelp!, Bing etc.) belong to public directories, meaning they list almost every company in the world. Cannabis-related directories are directories that contain companies in only one main industry: cannabis

Leafly or WeedMaps are examples of cannabis directories. These niche directories tend to be better for the user – that is, they are more likely to attract people interested in your cannabis business and will generally rank better than your site.

The combination of multiple cbd directory entries and niche directories will help you get into Google Maps Pack organically.

Step 3: On-page SEO for your website

While you can take this step first, you'll want to optimize your site for your region. You can refer to the local SEO Ranking Factors blog mentioned above to learn more about this, but the short version is if you want to optimize your title tags and meta descriptions for local searches.

For example, if you own a pharmacy in West Palm Beach, Florida, you might have a home page title tag that looks like this:

Cannabis Copilot West Palm Beach, Florida | Company name

And a title tag that looks like this:

[Company name] is a Cannabis Copilot in West Palm Beach, Florida. We supply cannabis, weeds, concentrates and foodstuffs. Click here to learn more about our friendly service and affordable rates.

Every page on your site should have a unique title tag and meta description. This will help you get a local ranking with your Google My Business listing and citation.

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