Best hotel and restaurant website design inspiration sites

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To get some amazing ideas for your restaurant and hotel website designs, we have shortlisted some websites which can be used for web design inspiration.

Best hotel and restaurant website design inspiration sites

The Internet is always the first place that people check when looking and selecting a new place to eat. Thus, the need to have an online website for your restaurant, with some attractive hotel and restaurant website design, is the utmost necessity.

It is not always the food that attracts people. Your restaurant website is a complete package to maintain the visitors' loyalty. Making a unique and impactful first impression using creative and innovative web design inspiration is a reliable solution to attract people through your restaurant doors.

The restaurants with beautiful, innovative, and creative websites have one thing in common – presentation. The mouth-watering and appealing visuals are the ultimate key to mark success with the online presence. However, the one thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that your visuals shouldn't be distracting or offensive to the customers.

To get some amazing ideas for your restaurant and hotel website designs, we have shortlisted some websites which can be used for web design inspiration. Are you ready to take a look?

Best hotel and restaurant website design inspiration sites –


The first website design that will leave you impressed is that of Bresca. The website has worked on every single detail to make the website stand distinguished. From a well-organized menu, contact details to having quick access to every essential page, this website covers all aspects.

The visuals are neatly presented with a reservation button on top to ensure maximum convenience to the users.

El Burro:

The next name that can be relied on to get amazing hotel and restaurant website design is El Burro. The website stands strong with its vibrant website with beautiful, attractive visuals. The perfect combination of bold defining colors with subtle animation makes the website perfectly eye-catchy.

The website also takes care of the convenience of its visitors with quick access and response. It also maintains an attractive gallery to give users an idea about its menu, food, and environment.


Sono maintains its single-page website with many attractive images and quick call-to-action buttons, unlike the other websites. One noticeable feature of the website is that it contains a call-to-action button in all the available sections.

The website is the perfect example of great design and user-friendliness. It also provides the required information about its location, menu, parking facility, and working hours.


Quay's well-designed website does complete justice to its award-winning reputation. It impresses its users with its perfect blend of whitespace and collection of vibrant images. You will fall in love with each and everything on the website as soon as you visit the same.

The hotel and restaurant website design stand distinguished with its in-built reservation button. The visitors can also access the menu tab without any hassles. The site can also be accessed on mobile devices without any hassles.


Protein presents its vibrant, attractive, and colorful website to create a long-lasting impression. Thanks to its easy-to-access navigation button, the visitors can very easily find the restaurant's location.

The well-chosen color combination with attractive images makes this website super-hit amongst the users. Its responsiveness and convenient access are also appreciable. The website's homepage is designed with parallax effects to engage the visitors.


Another hotel and restaurant website design example are that of Ilili. The website's homepage catches the visitors' attention with its excellent combination of food, environment, and classy interiors. It won't be wrong to say that the website is designed with all the elements to impress the visitors.

Its navigation tool offers quick and convenient access to all the essential options like finding location, menu, working hours, etc. The visitors can also place online orders or make reservations without hassles.

4 Rivers:

Last but not least, we have 4 Rivers on the list of web design inspiration examples. Unlike the other websites, it uses video on its homepage to grab the attention of visitors and viewers.

The website is also impressive with its full-size and vibrant images, which help break the pages into different sections. The responsive call-to-action button helps the users to take the required appropriate actions as and when needed.


The minimalistic design of the quince website is the perfect example to impress. It offers quick access to every essential section through its main home page. The website also offers vibrant images, of both food and its interiors, along with all the required important information.


Generally, the design of most of these websites has many things in common. However, their presentation and unique execution help them stand distinguished with their hotel and restaurant website design. Combine some beautiful, attractive image visuals with a superb user experience, and you are good to make your online identity a hit in the market.

You don't have to be different from everything; just representing your own identity with some innovation is the key requirement to attract visitors and traffic. What are your thoughts and opinions on the same? Let us know in the comment section.