How do you optimally deliver unconscious bias awareness training?

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Hence, when providers create content dealing with diversity training unconscious bias.

How do you optimally deliver unconscious bias awareness training?

To be a psychologically healthy and well-balanced person, we need to appreciate who we are as ourselves. However, it is important to have the correct training orientation so that we stay the course if we discover elements of ourselves that may obstruct our self-assessment. 

Hence, when providers create content dealing with diversity training unconscious bias, they are extremely mindful of the need to ensure that a participants’ self-worth is not eroded through the process. 

Build balanced insights

Unconscious bias awareness training must always be constructive. The aim is to build up participants to discover opportunities for self-growth and development. This expands who they are and does not detract from past learning that has framed their current perspectives and actions. 

Participants need to see their life journey as part of a coherent process that they do have absolute control over. With new exposure, insights and experiences, one does always have the choice to change and redirect one’s energies and frame of reference. 

This is part of diversity training and unconscious bias training, not focusing on the negative but ensuring maximum awareness so that we are making the right choices. 

Leadership skills training courses online are the perfect tool because they enhance personal awareness to facilitate genuine caring and service to others. 

Unconscious bias awareness training contains these elements of self-care and care for others but with one vital difference. 

When we reach maturity, we understand that psychological health affects how we view and treat ourselves. Furthermore, it also determines how we relate to and treat others by accepting their uniqueness. It is part of the maturation process. 

Hence, when we deliver unconscious bias in training, we need to contextualise everything. 

Training starts by acknowledging the current position we find ourselves in and understanding why before moving forward. 

Build momentum for the future

It does not serve anyone’s interest to apportion blame or be a victim to what life has presented so far. 

Diversity training and unconscious bias focus on empowerment to be successful and sustainable. 

New knowledge is not the ingredient itself that will transform lives but rather the action that flows from this knowledge that builds new behavioural patterns and thought processes and ultimately shift the status quo. 

Unconscious bias awareness training is not about who we are now. It is directed towards our potential to become better people if we commit to the choice, and it shines a light on the most important aspects of ourselves we need to focus on to become better. 

Create productive, diverse teams 

The opportunity to have high-performing teams, connected relationships, unleash innovation, and the chance to change the world is one of the biggest benefits of unconscious bias awareness training.

We want people to leave diversity training and unconscious bias training programs invigorated and excited and not filled with self-doubt and recrimination. Therefore, it is essential to set personal goals as part of the training process. These will carry forward the momentum started with your first training session. 

Without personal goals, we will not take ownership of outcomes or keep unconscious bias within our line of sight. 

Given the link with enhanced awareness, one of our main goals needs to be to pause and reflect on our actions and the consequences before we make decisions where possible. 

Adopting journaling and reviewing practices regularly will highlight where we still want to improve. Fundamentally, the more we develop the habit of self-analysis in all aspects of our lives, the more we can benefit from our correct choices as our well-deserved reward. 

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