How to control sugar level in body?

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Concerned about your health follow these simple lifestyle changes

How to control sugar level in body?

Well personally whenever I see chocolates around I get this big smile on my face.But thinking about the swing in blood sugar level always scares me .

being healthy is a top most  priority of every human.So make these simple modifications in your lifestyle and control your blood sugar level in a healthiest manner.

• Walk when you talk 

The simplest and most efficient way to maintain your sugar levels is walk it out .Walking is never out of style and one can always spare time to walk . Walk to your nearest grocery shop and promise yourself to do the same for every nearby distance . Take stairs whenever possible because who doesn't like being fit and healthy .

•  Just Work it out  

Exercise is amazing way to boost your body's ability to control blood sugar level . The more you do cardiac work out the better the results will be. Muscles soak up glucose and burn them for energy and vigorous movements may also aid in controlling blood sugar levels .

• Go for a whole fruit over juice 

"People generally consume more juice and therefore consume more calories says Wylie rosett" a glass of juice is not same as a whole fruit . Consume a fruit and you'll consume more fiber .

• Take a walk after a meal 

The walk it off strategy is especially helpful after eating carb heavy meals, particularly dinner the researchers found . So people get your sports shoes ready and walk it out be it for 10 minutes . If the weather is not in your favour than walk in your living room or the empty backyard  .

• Drink enough water .

Always avoid  dehydration says wylie- rosett . When your body is dealing with dehydration then the sugar in your blood gets more concentrated and  blood sugar level increase rapidly . Drinking more water can reduce your blood sugar level to great extent . Whether you're thirsty or not drink water and stay hydrated .

• Pick your veggies smartly 

Well vegetables are good for you but not all are same when it comes to your carbs . Half cup of Starchy vegetables like peas , corns contains 15 grams of carbs while non starchy vegetables like  cauliflower , lettuce , spinach contains half of it so eat much more of non starchy by making no effect on your blood sugar levels .