6 famous women who're above 30 & happily unmarried

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Where my single, successful ladies at?!

6 famous women who're above 30 & happily unmarried

1) Queen Latifah: It ain't for nothing that she's called QUEEN Latifah. She's kept us entertained with her kickass comic timing & is also a rapper extraordinaire...& she didn't need no spouse through it all! 

 Queen Latifah


2) Charlize Theron: There's only place for one man in this talented woman's life...& his name is Oscar. She's won 2, once for her seriously twisted turn in Monster as a serial killer, who ironically, targets men who've supposedly wronged her. Yikers! JK.Seriously though, Miss Theron is a force to reckon with. 



3) Tabu: Shall I compare Tabu to a summer's day? Of course, I shall! Cuz not only does she set the big screen ablaze with her brilliant acting skills & her range of characters (from the poor, simplistic, hardworking bank employee Anuradha in the comedy Hera Pheri to Chandni,a woman whose circumstances force her to become a bar dancer in the tragic Chandni Bar),  but also leaves one mesmerized with her beauty. She's been part of two B'wood adaptations of Shakespeare's works (Haider/Hamlet and Maqbool/Macbeth...slaying it as desi Lady Macbeth), has a bunch of National and Filmfare awards alike under her belt, as well as a Padma Shri and even wowed audiences with her performances in the internationally acclaimed The Namesake & Life of Pi. She's even left her mark in the Bengali and South Indian film industries.



4) Mindy Kaling: She's unmarried and even her alter ego, Dr. Mindy Lahiri from her telly show The Mindy Project killed it as a single mum. Irl, she's a hilarious comedienne and has already shown off that  sense of humor in two memoirs which'll surely make any reader LOL. Plus, she was part of the all female star cast of Oceans 8.



5) Allison Janney: If you've seen her in and as Mom, you'll agree she deserved all those Emmies and Golden Globes that have come her way. One helluva firecracker and show-stealer, this one, I tell ya...whew!! 




6) Shonda Rimes: The name behind all these inescapable hit telly shows: Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice, How to get away with Murder & many more, plus the founder of the highly successful production company, Shondaland. I won't be surprised if they actually name a country Shondaland in honor of this woman some day!