How to Set Up an Editorial Suite

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Video editing is the reorganization and manipulation of individual shots and compiling them to create a final product that has meaning.

How to Set Up an Editorial Suite

Video editing is the reorganization and manipulation of individual shots and compiling them to create a final product that has meaning. Video editing is part of the third stages of production post production. These stages of production include pre production, production and postproduction. Editing is very key as it involves identifying and usage of shots that carry a certain message meant to contribute to the overall story of the production.

Some of the finer details of editing include, montage, color correction, speed adjustment, sound mixing among other enhancements. An editing suite is a room designed for the sole purpose of editorial work. These are some of the things you need to consider when setting up an editorial suite.

Equipment Needed

For a working editing station there is a need for good equipment, starting with a reliable computer system. A CPU that has a high processing capacity, one that can hold necessary editing software. Additionally, you need to have a High Definition wide monitor for proper visuals. Also, you need good sound devices such as a quality pair of headphones and sound studio speakers.

For any production, you have to be very keen on the audio aspect and for that, you need good sound devices that produce quality sound and have noise cancellation ability to help you fully concentrate. A reliable external hard drive is very important for storage. Most of the footage used to edit is large and therefore having a hard drive that can handle the size and help save projects in different locations in case files are lost. In other cases, you can use the hard drive to edit directly by importing and exporting materials since it can be faster.

You will also need a good editing keyboard and mouse to help with quick commands. A continuous power supply is extremely important and for that, it is advisable to have a backup power source. To determine the power output capacity you’ll need to keep your machines running you’ll need to calculate the average wattage of your computer system. This equipment can be easily imported from a supplier in China.

Room Layout

Just like an office, the layout of the editorial suite is very important. All these equipment need to be properly and strategically organized to fully perform their function. For instance, you need to set up your computer system on a good office table. As for the sound system you can arrange the speakers in the room to evenly produce and distribute sound.

You also need to consider the lighting of the room to control the amount of light in the room. Avoid usage of natural window light unless you find a way to control it or use harsh overhead lighting. The objective is controlled light, not too dark and not very light to protect your eyes from fatigue and any light complications.

You will also need to have a cooling system such as an Air conditioner to regulate the heat produced by the machines in use. It also needs to be strategically placed for proper air circulation. All these help create a proper working studio ambiance.

Office Furniture

An editing station requires an office table where you can place a monitor and other equipment such as a keyboard and mouse. It also helps when you are writing in your notebook. A comfortable chair for the editor is important. As an editor, you might have to sit for hours and hours, and for that, you will need quality and stable chair that supports your back. You can secure a seat that is adjustable and made of breathable material. For reliable seats, you can choose one from a wide array of office chair solutions. Sometimes you might need to get extra seats in case you have to hold a preview of the product for your clients.


Lastly, there are different types of productions. Some editors can be specific to a particular field of work for instance documentaries while some choose to be open. All productions require maximum attention and editing can create a huge difference. In some cases, you might feel like you do not have enough footage or good enough shots to create the project you want but the editor can create magic. Sometimes the final product can be stored on DVD and archived for future use. Consider contacting an mdf wooden box manufacturer to source for boxes to store these disks.


To have an editing suite you need a fluid flow of productions that need to be worked on. A good editorial suite will help make work easier for the editor.