How to control sugar level in body, make these 6 simple lifestyle changes

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Here are some simple techniques which can be adapted on day to day basis to control sugar level.

How to control sugar level in body, make these 6 simple lifestyle changes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which there is a high blood sugar level in the body for a prolonged period of time. It is essential to control sugar level, if left untreated it can be fatal.

In this busy world, it is difficult to keep a check on diabetes. But, these 6 simple lifestyle changes can help to control sugar level in the body.

  1. Regular check-ups: It is very important to go for regular check-ups atleast twice a year which can help to control your diabetes. One can also buy a blood glucose meter and can gain instant results and use it on a daily basis at home to keep your diabetes in control.


  1. Eat a balanced and healthy diet: It is essential to know what to eat if you have diabetes, as whatever you eat affects your blood sugar level. You should refrain from eating foods that are high in fat and sugar. It is also crucial to not miss your meals, skipping one meal can also cause drastic changes in your blood sugar level. Increase vegetables, whole grains and fruits intake in your diet.


  1. Exercise: It is important to make your body active. If you have a very busy schedule and cannot join a gym then just walk for atleast 30 minutes, one can also take up cycling, or swimming. Your aim should be to do an activity that makes you sweat and increases your breathing rate. One can also take up Yoga, it has been observed to have long term positive effects on the body.


  1. Stress Management: Stressed mind and body can increase your blood sugar level and can have negative impacts on your body. It is important to take out time for things that make you feel relaxed and happy. One can try reading novels, watching movies or just spending time with your family. It is important to do a few breathing exercises which have a calming effect on the body and the mind.


  1. Say ‘NO’ to Smoking and Alcohol: Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many health disorders like heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems. On top of that if you have a habit of smoking then you are just increasing your risks of contracting these diseases. Alcohol consumption can increase your blood sugar level. It is important to cut down on your consumption.


  1. Get enough Sleep: Try not to stay up late in the night. It is crucial to get an adequate 6-8 hours of sleep every night.
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