8 veteran actors who didn't just excel in acting but in other fields as well

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Actors can be SO MUCH MORE! Here's a list of 8 such veteran actors who've showcased their talents both onscreen and offscreen.

8 veteran actors who didn't just excel in acting but in other fields as well

 1) Clint Eastwood: Apart from being the cowboy to beat all other cowboys, this actor has also directed several successful movies, including the Oscar winning Million Dollar Baby and also dabbled in politics, holding the post of Mayor of Carmel-by-the-sea, California from 1986-88.


2) Kamal Haasan: This actor is renowned for playing multiple roles in his movies, as well as writing and directing them himself. He's also a dancer, playback singer and a lyricist. Wowser! Talk about multitasking, eh? 



3) Geena Davis: Known for her roles in Thelma and Louise, Stuart Little, The Fly, Beetlejuice, etc, this actress stuns with her archery skills as well. Having picked up the sport in her forties, she's competed in the semifinals of the 1999 Olympics on the women's archery team and placed an impressive 24th, but unfortunately failed to qualify. She's even tried out for USA's Sydney 2000 Olympics team. Now, that's one helluva athletic lady! 

archer geena


4) Jamie Lee Curtis: Talented actress and the original scream queen, she is also a philanthropist and a patented inventor. She was granted a patent way back in 1987. Her invention? Diapers with a built-in waterproof compartment for baby wipes. I say we just bestow an honorary Nobel Prize upon Lady Jamie Lee Curtis already! (That's right, LADY Jamie Lee Curtis, cuz her hubby is...wait for it... a Baron!  I mean, could she be any more cooler?!)

jlc baby


5) Jim Carrey: He's an actor, a comedian extraordinaire, one helluva roast master at the Oscars with his speeches & an artist as well. His art is as complex and colourful as the roles he plays, btw.

jc art


6) Robert De Niro: No, he's not a taxi driver on the side...or a mob boss either. He does however own a chain of restaurants and hotels in more than 30 world wide locations with a valuation of half a billion dollars. Having found a business partner in Chef Nobu Mathuhisa, he invested in a restaurant chain and launched Nobu 57 in '05 & the chain has grown since then, along with this veteran actor's flourishing acting career.



7) Kevin Costner: Apart from Lady Jamie Lee Curtis, Mr. Costner's another budding inventor and actor extraordinaire. Inspired by his own movie, the underwater fantasy, Waterworld and after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill of '89, he created a device to separate water from oil (can seperate 200 gallons of oil from water in a minute) & in 2010, renowned oil company BP brought 32 units of this very  invention to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster for a whopping 15 million! When he isn't acting or inventing environmental friendly gadgets, he is also directing, having won the Oscar for Best Director in 1991 for Dances with Wolves.

kc oilkc direct


8) Johnny Depp: This veteran heartthrob is also a musician, artist and briefly owned a highly successful nightclub in Hollywood called The Viper Room.