Herbicide Safeners Market Analysis, Development, Revenue, Future Growth and Forecast to 2026

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Key Players Covered are Adama Agricultural Solutions, DowDuPont Inc., Land O’lakes, Tenkoz, Bayer AG, Arysta Lifescience, Sipcam-Oxon Group, Helm AG and Drexel Chemical Company.

Herbicide Safeners Market  Analysis, Development, Revenue, Future Growth and Forecast to 2026

The increasing R&D investment in agriculture is expected to be an important factor in fostering the growth of the herbicide safeners market, states Fortune Business Insights in a report, titled “Herbicide Safeners Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis, By Product Type (Furilazole, Isoxadifen, Benoxacor, Dichlormid, Others), By Crop (Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Rice, Others), By Application Stage (Post-Emergence, Pre-Emergence) and Regional Forecast, 2019-2026” rising cultivation of important cereal crops such as rice, wheat, and corn is predicted to bolster healthy growth of the market.

The report offers valuable insights into all the predominating trends of the herbicide safeners market. It provides a comprehensive summary of all the segments and shares analytical statistics on all the regions of the market. The report is put together after a wide-ranging investigation followed by insightful exploration to benefit companies, stakeholders, financers, and potential investors. The report offers a clear depiction of the market size to help our readers acknowledge all the potential threats in the market. Besides, it also covers all the latest advancements and development, product launches, acquisitions, and collaborations & partnerships that took place in recent times.


Unveiling of Fearless® Herbicides by HELM Agro US to Accelerate Market Revenue


HELM Agro US, Inc., a dealer in top-quality crop protection products, received the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for FEARLESS® and FEARLESS® XTRA herbicides, two acetochlor-based weed control tools for corn. FEARLESS is an atrazine-free acetochlor formulation that features a top-quality safener to protect corn and give growers the option to apply at higher rates when targeting challenging broadleaf weeds. The product is classified as a Group 15 herbicide containing 7 pounds of acetochlor plus safener per gallon. The launch of the innovative, top-quality safener by HELM Agro US is expected to propel the growth of the market owing to the flexible options to control grass and broadleaf weeds including Foxtails, Lambsquarters, Pigweed, Ragweed, and Waterhemp. Furthermore, the President of HELM Agro US, Jan Stechmann, said in a statement, “FEARLESS and FEARLESS XTRA delivers powerful pre-plant, pre-emergence or post-emergence weed control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds, plus yellow nutsedge.”  Furthermore, the rising focus of farmers towards crop protection and crop yield is predicted to fuel demand for herbicide safeners in the forthcoming years.


 Furthermore, the collaboration of ADAMA and Tel Aviv University for the development of innovative crop protection solutions likely to promote the herbicide safeners market trends, states lead analysts at Fortune Business Insights™. For instance, ADAMA Ltd, leading global crop protection company and Tel Aviv University, partnered and introduced an innovative research and teaching program on active substance delivery and formulation, a ground-breaking development in the domain of agriculture and crop protection. The president and CEO of ADAMA, Chen Lichtenstein, said in a statement, “ADAMA recognizes that its success in the competitive global market relies on research and development capabilities as a driver of strategic growth. The international delivery and formulation research center we are inaugurating at Tel Aviv University will enable us to together train the finest researchers in the field, thus preparing them to join the ranks of the agrochemical industry for the benefit of the development of ground-breaking products that deliver a response to the challenges currently facing world agriculture.”


Thriving Agriculture Industry to Grant Development in Asia Pacific


North America is expected to hold the major market share during the forecast due to increased production and cultivation of maize and soybean crops (in which herbicide safeners are majorly used) in the region. The Presence of major market players such as Arysta Lifescience, DowDuPont, and Helm AG in the region is expected to aid the herbicide safeners market share in the region. Asia Pacific is predicted to grow rapidly in the forthcoming years owing to the flourishing agriculture industry in China and India. 


Some of the Major Companies in the Herbicide Safeners Market are:


  • Adama Agricultural Solutions
  • DowDuPont Inc.
  • Land O’lakes
  • Tenkoz
  • Bayer AG
  • Arysta Lifescience
  • Sipcam-Oxon Group
  • Helm AG
  • and Drexel Chemical Company.


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