How To Save On Your Electricity Bill

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Nothing in this world is free of cost and neither is electricity. Electricity does bring a lot of comfort and efficiency into our lives but it all comes at a co

How To Save On Your Electricity Bill

Nothing in this world is free of cost and neither is electricity. Electricity does bring a lot of comfort and efficiency into our lives but it all comes at a cost in the form of the electricity bill that we pay every month. As a homeowner in Australia, mounting electricity bills would definitely be one of your concerns. While cutting down on our daily energy use does seem impossible, we always try to find ways to avoid any wastage. As a team of friendly neighborhood electricians near you in Pakenham, we have brought you a few tips on how to save on your electricity bill. Follow them and be the proud owners of an energy-efficient space.


1.  Say Yes to Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting is central to any space, may it be residential or commercial in nature. From your living room, kitchen, driveway, outdoor seating area to your bathroom each of these spaces requires adequate lighting and as lighting requires electricity, it becomes one of the major contributors to your electrical bill. Now, we can’t possibly say no to lights and go back to using fire like primitive men, so what we can do is switch to energy-efficient lighting. LED bulbs come under the category of at least energy efficient class A and therefore are proven to reduce electricity usage. As per the department of electricity, LED’s consume 75 percent less energy as compared to other lighting options. So, the road to an energy-efficient home or workspace begins with energy-efficient lighting.

2.  Weatherproof Your Home/Workspace

May it be the scorching summers or the chilling winters, your energy consumption is at its peak during extreme weather conditions. While you cannot possibly control the weather, what you can do is weatherproof your home and reduce the energy consumption to its maximum possible extent. Weatherproofing your space would allow you to maintain the temperature of your home and therefore your heating and cooling appliances will run more efficiently while consuming less energy.

How to weatherproof your space?

  • Upgrade to double-pane windows.
  • Properly insulate your roof, ceilings, and walls.
  • Air-seal your windows and doors.
  • Install solar panels.
  • Insulate your water heater.




3.  Identify and Avoid Phantom Energy Waste

You can cut down on your electricity wastage when the source of it is apparent to the eye but not when you are not even aware of the source, to begin with. This is exactly what happens in the case of phantom energy waste. Did you know that there are certain electrical appliances that use energy even when turned off? There are indeed several such appliances and this kind of energy consumption is popularly known as phantom energy consumption. And as per recent studies conducted in the field, phantom electricity amounts to 10-33 percent of a household’s bill. That does sound like a lot, doesn’t it? But to deal with it what you need to simply do is unplug all your electrical appliances when not in use.

Appliances that use phantom electricity

  • Router
  • Computer
  • Video game console
  • Sound system
  • Printer


4.  Compare and Choose the Best Electricity Providers

In your locality energy is supplied by not one but several electricity companies and the rates, plans, and benefits that they offer vary. So make sure that before you decide on an electricity service provider you compare all the options available to you and make an efficient and economic choice. Also, in case you have stuck to one provider for years and feel like your electricity bills are unnecessarily rising, then don’t shy away from switching plans or turning to a better provider. So, always compare and choose the best electricity providers.

5.  Follow the high-Star Energy Efficiency Standard

Depending upon your energy consumption levels, households are given an energy efficiency rating. With 8-star being the highest standard, these houses are recognized as the ones with all the appropriate energy efficiency measures in place and have gone a long way towards reducing their environmental footprint. As per the studies conducted by the Australian Government, the 5-star rated households that follow all the energy efficiency standards have experienced a fall in their consumption rates and therefore their electricity bills as compared to those with a 4 or 3-5-star rating with a steady fall in their electricity use for heating and cooling purposes. So, in case you were looking for ways to cut down on your electricity bill, following this standard is your way to go.

How to achieve a high-star energy rating?

  • Allow proper ventilation through windows and shafts.
  • Properly insulate your walls and ceilings.
  • Engage in high-performance glazing.
  • Pick lighter shades for your rooms.
  • Weatherproof your home.
  • Use five-star rated electrical appliances.
  • Switch to LED lights.
  • Build houses with a north orientation to soak the sunlight in winters and shade in summers.


So, adopt all these measures and see how your electricity bill takes a noticeable and that much-desired dip. In case you think you need help or guidance on any of these fronts contact our 24-hour electricians in Melbourne and they would be happy to guide you through.



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