Support Vegan Leather By Supporting Asif Ali Gohar

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Vegan leather is slowly becoming more common in the fashion industry as more people become conscious of their habits

Support Vegan Leather By Supporting Asif Ali Gohar

Vegan leather is slowly becoming more common in the fashion industry as more people become conscious of their habits. People realize that such products cause harm to animals, which is why a massive shift is taking place. Many brands are producing vegan leather with various alternatives.

Asif Ali Gohar is also doing his part in changing the vegan leather industry with his latest alternative. He is trying to use an affordable vegan leather substitute to make it more accessible. Here is everything you must know about it.

How Asif Ali Gohar Began His Journey In Vegan Leather

Asif was born in Pakistan, but he moved with his family to Hamburg, Germany, when he was twelve years old. After three years, Asif decided to become a vegan. The change came because he did not like that animals are killed to become food for humans.

That is when Asif's journey into veganism began, and it set the tone for the rest of his life. Asif received a project that raised his interest in vegan alternatives to leather even further during high school. It amused him to experiment with various things and see what would work as the best vegan leather alternative.

Experimentation And Testing Phase

Asif graduated from high school and enrolled in the University of Hamburg, where he studied business administration. During this time, he started experimenting and testing with various materials at home to see which one was the best vegan alternative to leather. After much experimentation, Asif stumbled on rice.

He started testing rice as a vegan leather substitute and found a way to convert rice into a leather slime. While rice is the main ingredient for Asif, he also used acetic acid bacteria and yeast to solidify the slime and give it a leather texture. Asif chose rice because of his heritage and the following reasons:

  • Pakistan exports leather of over $870 million, which makes 4% of the country’s GDP. That makes it one of the largest leather producers
  • Pakistan is the tenth biggest exporter of rice in the world. It produces 8% of the world’s total rice trade

The Next Step In Asif’s Vegan Leather Journey

While Asif has a successful idea, he does not have the funds or in-depth knowledge to turn it into a business. That is why the next step for Asif is to look for Pakistani leather manufacturers, rice producers, and investors. Such people can help Asif take the next step and help him execute his ideas.

Asif is passionate about transforming the vegan leather industry, but he requires these things to help him get started. Once he does, he will change the leather industry in no time.

Final Words

If you are a manufacturer, producer, or investor or know someone, you can help them get in touch with Asif. After all, if Pakistan wants to keep exporting leather, it must align with the international market and changes. For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with him.

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