Healthy Brain Chemistry Creates Equal Opportunity Productivity

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best nootropics Chemistry in a healthy brain leads to better communication functions, which leads to greater efficiency and productivity.

Healthy Brain Chemistry Creates Equal Opportunity Productivity

Linking gender motivation to productivity in the workplace may seem difficult at first, although we all know the impact of motivation and morale on the way people communicate around the world. Dr. John Gray, in the famous Venus of Mars, puts this in the chemistry of the brain. best nootropics Chemistry in a healthy brain leads to better communication functions, which leads to greater efficiency and productivity. The fact is that the process is not automatic. However, once the dynamics are known, individuals or companies can design actions or systems to support the best results in brain chemistry.

The study of Dr. Gray made it clear that in order to stimulate certain hormones, we need a combination best Nootropics of doing what we need to do for ourselves and involving others who work and connect with us. In this age of being able to classify things as sexual because men and women are treated differently, it must be clear that brain chemistry is an equal opportunity. Similarly, the same inspections were carried out with ridiculous exaggerations that led to the installation of mills in both men's and women's toilets. The fact is that anyone who has ever seen a queue in a woman's room, let alone waited in one, knows that equality is NOT created by the same number for everyone. . The dynamics of the system are different. Equal opportunities are achieved by taking care of the special needs of the situation.

The same goes for brain chemistry. Stay with me. We will talk about the dance of four neurotransmitters, which exist in men and women:

Dopamine - promotes energy, clarity and motivation

Serotonin - provides comfort, satisfaction and hope

Oxytocin - the hormone of love and care. keys for women

Testosterone - the hormone of desire and will. keys for men

Women develop more oxytocin, which they often produce when they act in a caring way on behalf of themselves or their partner. Oxytocin levels evoke feelings of love, care and bonding. So doing something good for yourself or others - whether it's a coffee drink, a gift or a compliment, or a new idea that leaves a sense of professional pride or helps create a new idea, saving money in environments co-creation releases oxytocin. in his brain. It receives a flood of oxytocin along with serotonin which causes the intake of endorphins. and it shines and grows and moves to acquire more of that feeling. The production cycle continues.

On the other hand, when a woman has to do very competitive things in a stressful environment that raises her testosterone levels, it results in a decrease in oxytocin and serotonin. Thus, while she may feel the excitement of testosterone and dopamine when she exhibits her energy, her emotions may make her feel uncomfortable and anxious. If this feeling is not resolved over time, either through the ability to care at work or at home, it will burn. Knowing this is not a personality defect, but brain chemistry around the world can make it possible to balance hormone levels when needed. Strong women do not need men.

Men, on the other hand, thrive when they are able to defend and serve with these best Nootropics supplements, solve difficult problems, and jump to save the day. This raises their testosterone and dopamine levels and causes the usual performance frustration. When men receive praise or positive feedback for these courageous actions, they release oxytocin, which makes them feel more loved. Now they are doubly motivated to do the same thing again. Imagine how many times we women discredit this male-dominated peacock practice, which deprives us of all glory as a pure ego. And think of their reaction when they are insulted and praised ... now we can understand this dynamic. Who knew it was brain chemistry!

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