How Mattresses Improve Your Quality Of Sleep During Winters

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Your sleep quality depends a lot on the kind of mattress you use. Here are some ways in which they can affect your overall health.

How Mattresses Improve Your Quality Of Sleep During Winters


Changing seasons bring in a lot of switchovers—and your clothing is only the least of it. Doctors say that changing seasons can affect your body clock, metabolism, sleep cycle, and eating habits as well. All these factors reflect upon your productivity, working capacity and mental health. 


One of these could be your sleep cycle as well. In India, the winter clock can shift your sleeping hours, resulting in changed habits. If you have been feeling lethargic or functioning below par at work lately, a poor quality sleep might be one to blame. In that case, one way in which you can improve your sleep quality is by switching your old mattress for a new one—a more comfortable, superior and premium product that lets you wake up afresh the next day. 


If you are wondering how a mattress can do the requisite for you, take a look at the following considerations.

Prevent allergies and infections


A good-quality mattress should ideally make you sleep well without worrying about germs or insect bites. During the winter season, especially in fabrics like wool, one is more prone to attracting germs. Fortunately, today’s mattress makers are well aware of the different needs of customers. As a result, mattresses are manufactured with inbuilt germ and insect-immune features that, for one, keep it protected against damage, and two, let you sleep in a healthy environment. Furthermore, you need not incur extra sanitation or occasional cleaning either. 

Support for your back and neck


A rough night, with occasional complaints of an aching back or stiff neck, is hardly what one needs to function well the next day. If your mattress is more than half a decade older, perhaps it is time to switch to a new one with a better internal structure. For example, the range of latest sleepyhead mattresses can give you optimum comfort, as they are incorporated with a multi-layered structure offering adequate support for your back and neck. 

Even body weight distribution


The number one cause for aching joints is undue pressure on such sensitive areas when you sleep. What a good quality mattress does is it evenly distributes your body weight across the length of your bed, irrespective of your body type. Therefore, there is no undue pressure exerted on your sensitive joints, as a result of which you can sleep with minimum discomfort.

Eliminate night sweat


Night sweats happen when your sleeping environment gets humid above the average level. This is especially important during the winter season, for that is when one is bundled up in blankets or quilts. It can contribute to poor sleep, as you might wake up now and then to cool off. However, with products such as the Sleepyhead mattress, you can ensure a good night’s rest, as it comes with inbuilt temperature moderation technology. The mattress is designed with a foam layer that allows you appropriate heat vent, preventing any excessive heat buildup inside the mattress. 

Ensure optimum mental health

Good sleep translates to enhanced overall physiological and mental health. When you ensure a good night’s rest, you can wake up well-rested as well. This simple fact can improve your mood, better your relationships, and result in a more productive day. Stress and anxiety are two of the most important factors responsible for poor performance. 

Some options that you might want to consider


Sleepyhead Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress: Ever thought that a mattress would feel tailor-made for you? The memory foam layer is designed to adapt to your body contours in the Sleepyhead mattress intelligently. It helps in reducing excessive stiffness and offers adequate comfort by supporting your weight evenly.


Doctor Dreams Dual Comfort Mattress: Want to have the best firmness and softness? The Dual Comfort mattress from the house of Doctor Dreams can be used in two ways—a firmer layer for incredible support and a softer layer for the bounce. You can flip your mattress to sleep on either and sleep comfortably at your convenience.


Duroflex Latex Mattress: As one of the cheapest options available, the Duroflex range of mattresses in latex models are value-for-money products. Latex is a material known to last for a long time and resists regular wear and tear. If your budget does not allow you to pick expensive, luxury items, the latex model can be your go-to option.

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