Working of 360 Performance Review Software

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This software helps in getting the correct version of the employee performance assessment

Working of 360 Performance Review Software

360 performance review software allows the organizations to prepare the complete assessment of the employee’s work. It gathers feedback on every employee from their managers, reports, and peers, even the customers. The software helps in generating information about each employee and their performance. It also creates goals for each manager and employee based on the feedback received.

360-degree feedback is a holistic performance review system. It stands out from the conventional approach of receiving appraisals. It is because of the multiple sources of rating which every employee gets. Collecting ratings from various sources through managers, colleagues, customer reviews, etc. The employees even receive feedback from their bosses, direct reports, and their ratings to matters as the best review one can ever get is by themselves. The whole review system is very transparent and essential for the growth of every employee as well as the organization.

Purpose of 360 Performance Review Software:

The purpose of 360 performance review software is to offer the employees more relevant and important inputs. The system of receiving anonymous feedback from colleagues and partners after each project helps maintain the decorum and the employee goodwill. So, in this way, the employees get timely recognition and a better understanding of improving.

  • It offers flexibility to the employees as well as the managers. 
  • It enables the managers to create customized reports of every employee.
  • Also gives access to track the real-time graphical data, which is then given to team managers to assess each employee's time.
  • It also provides pre-set templates to the employees to quickly design, distribute and maintain the efficacy.

The whole purpose of this software saves a whole lot of time and expenses. The company can easily use the cost held in other fields rather than one. The entire software usage keeps the organization's price for the employees for performance review. The software handles it all, leaving the task of employing and paying the reviewers.

Advantages of 360 Performance Review Software:

  • 1. Helps in getting an increase in self-awareness amongst the employees. 
  • 2. The employees get a whole brief report with their strengths and weaknesses marked with solutions as well. 
  • 3. It does multilingual surveys for the welfare of the employees.
  • 4. It gives an NPS platform to the organization.
  • 5. Provides 360-degree assessments.
  • 6. It helps in customized workflow.
  • 7. It has got an executive dashboard for the employees as well.
  • 8. Also has a case management system.
  • 9. Offers white labeling.
  • 10. It also has a Custom Data Center for the customers to give reviews.
  • 11. It provides free customer support as well.


This software helps in getting the correct version of the employee performance assessment. The whole system works in bettering the performance as well as making the designated work to be completed in time. This earns not only the organization but also the employees a good name. This helps in setting up the organization with new goals, the new purpose of making profits with happy and content employees.

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