How To Buy An Extension Cord: 4 Things To Consider 

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How To Buy An Extension Cord: 4 Things To Consider 

How To Buy An Extension Cord: 4 Things To Consider 

How To Buy An Extension Cord: 4 Things To Consider 

As our dependence on electrical gadgets and devices increases, so is the need for extension cords. From temporary usefulness to permanent applications, extension cords serve multiple services. It makes them an essential requirement in modern homes.  

However, since the extension cord brings power to devices, it has to be used with proper vigilance. To help you sort the perfect extension cord best suited to your necessity, we bring the following specialties that one should consider before making the right choice.  



Factors To Consider Before Buying 


The first and foremost factor is to choose the right extension cord. You should figure out the type of environment in which you will put the extension cords to use, along with the category of service the cable would perform. Typically, extension cords, including a 3 prong extension cord, are assigned different designation alphabets, specifying the correct usage. Some designation identities include the following:- 

  1. S signifies that the adjustable cord is for all-around help. 
  1. W states the extension cord is for outdoor use. 
  1. V means vacuum wire 
  1. P indicates parallel construction of wires 


Choose the required length only. 

Extension cords come to the rescue and do wonders whenever the electrical outlet is too far away. However, you should not opt for unnecessary long wire, just for convenience. The reason is that the longer the wire, the lower voltage it offers. Therefore, it ultimately reduces the efficiency of extension cords. Thus, if you do not want to lose electrical productivity, you should choose the accurate size, serving best to your needs. It will not only be energy-efficient but will also save you money.  


Power Rating 

The extension cord you pick must be capable of bearing the power requirements of the device you are fusing. To analyze the handling capacities, match the amperage of the devices with extension cords. The extension cords shall have the rating corresponding to the tools. At times, it happens that the amperage rating of the tools doesn't match with any cable. In such a scenario, you shall consider the Wire Gauge rating table, which states that the Amperage wire gauge number has a direct linkage with power capacity while indirect linkage with the thickness of extension cords. It means that the lower the Amperage wire gauge number would be, the higher the thickness.  



Outlets matter 

There are usually a maximum of three outlets in an extension cord. Now, getting a three-outlet cable has dual aspects. Firstly, it allows you to connect more devices while working, saving time and money. On the other hand, such extension cords get overloaded quickly. Therefore, if you want an extension cord that can last long, you should not go for three-outlet extension cords.  


The above factors are the primary decisive factors for purchasing an extension cord. They will help you reduce your efforts in picking the right cord for you amidst the pile of innumerable varieties. However, keep in mind that the cords deal with electrical power. Thus, you have to be careful while handling the extension cords.