How do I Select my Seat on Asiana Airlines?

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Know how do I select my Seat on Asiana Airlines, you will have to first go by its online process

How do I Select my Seat on Asiana Airlines?

How should I pick my seat on Asiana Airlines?

Seat selection is one of the most appropriate customs of customer's travels because they will not be able to fly on Asiana Airlines without a seat. But while passenger's book any seat on Asiana Airlines, they sometimes book an overall ticket and sometimes skip or pause seat selection at the time of online reservation. So, customers do get the option of seat picking, but they have to follow up with two different ways for selection. To know how do I select my Seat on Asiana Airlines, you will have to first go by its online process, which will assist quite effectively in getting an appropriate seat on Asiana Airlines.

Online steps to pick a seat on Asiana Airlines:

  • First of all, the passenger should go to the airline's official website. 
  • Then you will have to log in first within the site by using the correct username and password.
  • After that, you will have to move on to manage my booking section and enter your ticket reference number and last name of the passenger.
  • Click onto continue tab  
  • Now the list of the booking will appear on the screen. Here you have to select your current ticket and move ahead.
  • Next, tap on choosing my seat option from the page and continue.
  • Further, you should not tap onto the view seat map and make your pick of the seat with the appropriate class (Economy, Premium Economy, First or Business class, etc.)
  • Note the seat selection may be liable to tax according to your class, trip type, and route.
  • If you get a seat selection price, enter credit/debit card details and click on the verification option. 
  • At last, you will have to enter the verification code within the appropriate field. Then click over the continue option and then hit the finish button.
  • Further, you will get a confirmation email regarding seat picking with a complete booking summary with its fares. 

Therefore, if you need to find another best way to know how do I select my Seat on Asiana Airlines, while you check-in at the time of flight boarding, you will have to insist the Asiana Airline crew members to a lot of seat according to your preference. If there is no seat available as per your comfort, you will be assigned a seat at any corner of the flight with the help of crew members. Or further, you may contact the customer service team for their assistance over your theories, etc. 


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