Guide On Downloading & Saving Insta Stories

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This Article Will Guide You To Save Insta Stories

Guide On Downloading & Saving Insta Stories

Instagram has been a hub of social activities especially, Instagram stories that never fail to amuse users. Instagram stories are a feature of Instagram that enables you to put up pictures, video or even plain text for 24 hours on display over the application. Instagram stories are loved by everyone and maximum important updates can be found on stories. Now stories can be public or private to be shared with a handful of people. Instagram allows you to view stories of everyone irrespective of the fact that you follow them or not. But once these stories disappear you cannot see them. In order to keep stories of people that you like you need to download them, which is not an option on Instagram. In order to download Instagram stories for different devices you could get hands on an Instagram story downloader like Smihub.

Features of Smihub Instagram story downloader:

No registration required 

Instagram story downloading apps are third party apps that do not require you to login. This is not the case with all the apps but Smihub in particular does not require you to login or connect your Instagram to the app. this way you can be stress free of any information being exposed. 

High quality story download

Rather than screenshots that are not clear at times. You can use Smihub to download all the stories in high resolution or the original resolution. This way you do not compromise on the quality of anything that you are downloading.

Platform and device friendly

No matter what device you are using to access the app, it could be your iPhone, android or PC, the app works smoothly on every device. You can even access the Instagram story downloader from the website of Smihub.

Unlimited services free of cost

The best part of the app is it allows you unlimited download, that to free of cost. You do not have to subscribe or pay after any number of downloads. All your downloaded stories move to your gallery directly. The app poses no restriction on the number of times you download stories.

Anonymous viewing and downloading

Smihub at all times conceals the ID of its user as now you are not viewing any story from Instagram, rather you are using a third party application to do so hence the user whose story it is does not know that you have viewed or downloaded the story. This helps save you from the awkwardness.

How to download stories using Smihub?

You either download the Instagram story by downloading the Smihub app or use the online software on Smihub website.

Step 1: open Smihub and navigate to Instagram story downloader field.

Step 2: copy the username of the user whose story you want to download from Instagram or simply type in the username in the field provided.

Step 3: press “download”, Smihub displays all the stories of the user available for those 24 hours. You can easily play and download these stories by clicking on the download button.