Why to Add the Stunning Turquoise Jewelry to Your Collection

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Why to Add the Stunning Turquoise Jewelry to Your Collection

Of all the wonderful gems in the world, your collection is incomplete without this blue-colored talisman. The gemstone is known for its beauty and symbolism. It is the birthstone for December and gives you power and luck. It gives protection to whoever wears it. You will fall in love with the mystical properties of this crystal. It is one of the most versatile gemstones in the world and looks good when designed in silver.

Turquoise is a semi-precious stone, and it is one of the first gemstones ever to be mined. It is sky blue to a greenish-blue gemstone that has patches and veins. These patterns are known as matrix and can be brown, black, yellow, or white. The gem is loved for its hue and spiritual properties. For the gemstone to work for you, look for natural gemstones. Rananjay Exports has a fabulous collection of genuine gemstone jewelry. You can find an amazing wholesale Turquoise gemstone jewelry collection here.



The gemstone has a maximum hardness of under six on the Mohs scale. It has a luster that can be waxy to sub vitreous and opaque or semi-translucent. The color of the gem can vary from white to powder blue to sky-blue. It can also be a blue-green to a yellowish-green. The blue color in the gem comes from the copper content in the stone, while the green shades come due to iron impurities.

How Is the Stone Formed?

When water moves through porous rocks, minerals like copper, iron, and aluminum get dissolved. These minerals pile up in the pores and cracks. These deposits are the gem Turquoise. The name of the gem comes from the word ‘Turkish stone’ as the trade route through which it came was via Turkey. The stone has been used in jewelry, amulets, and ornamental decorations.

Spiritual Properties of the Gem

Turquoise is a protective stone, and for centuries, it has been used in amulets. The gemstone gives the wearer protection against bad energies. It also protects from the harmful impacts of pollutants and electromagnetic smog. It can also enhance intuition and release any kind of blocks that stop you from expressing yourself deep inside. It is also helpful in letting you solve your problems creatively. The gem works for the throat chakra, so when you wear a Turquoise pendant, you feel calmed down when speaking in public.

Turquoise can be an excellent stone for you if you suffer from depression and panic attacks. It helps enhance your immune system and promotes the regeneration of tissues in the body. It heals the body and keeps the virals and infections away. The gem is also helpful in the assimilation of nutrients into the body.

Gemstone as Statement Jewelry

Turquoise is used in statement pieces for its gorgeous appeal. Wear a Turquoise necklace for evenings to dazzle with the oozing beauty. For any formal event, go for Turquoise earrings in large cabochon sizes. The stunning look of the gemstone jewelry is sure to steal the spotlight.

Turquoise for Everyday Jewelry

When you choose jewelry for every day, it is generally simple and minimalistic, but it should be classy and elevate your personality. Turquoise will give you that chic look. Imagine Turquoise jewelry with denim and a white t-shirt. You can go for a Turquoise bracelet crafted in silver. Turquoise ring are also good to flaunt, credit goes to the vibrant color of the gem that makes a simple jewelry piece like ring look unique. The gemstone is always in fashion and can be a good choice for everyday accessories. The gems give a modern appeal to jewelry.



Just make sure you go for protective settings like the bezel one for everyday accessories. Because when you wear a jewelry piece every day, then the gem has to be prepared for rough and tough use. However, one must take proper care of gemstone jewelry.

Gem Care

When you wear Turquoise jewelry every day, keep it away from the harsh chemicals. Take off your jewelry while cleaning. Also, make sure you don’t wear them when going for a workout. Extreme temperatures are also not suitable for the gem, so avoid it while going for a hot water bath.

When storing the jewelry, make sure you keep it safely in a jewelry box lined with fabric. Also, keep the jewelry pieces separately from each other.

Reliable Place to Buy Gemstone Jewelry

Buying gemstone jewelry can be a difficult task when you don’t know about any good places to buy the stone. Also, trusting any place randomly for jewelry is a bit risky. As your jewelry guide, I suggest you check out the wholesale gemstone jewelry collection at Rananjay Exports. They have a vast collection of jewelry with modern and exclusive designs. In addition, their skilled artisans provide the best craftsmanship to the accessories. The metal used for the jewelry is 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. They are known for their best quality jewelry, and you can also earn benefits and rewards while you shop from them.



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