How To Setup And Access Salesforce CRM On Iphone Or Android?

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The Salesforce mobile app is available for various operating systems and offers professionals with a perfect platform to access your data on the go.

How To Setup And Access Salesforce CRM On Iphone Or Android?

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM with a wide variety of amazing features. It automates your day-to-day work related activities and makes the processes more streamlined and accurate. Salesforce offers a large pool of products and services that incorporate all the business sizes and types. 

 With the introduction of smartphones, people stay in touch with their business related activities 24/7 all the time. As a result, it's mandatory for every popular product or service to have a mobile based app as well.   

The Salesforce mobile app is available for various operating systems and offers professionals with a perfect platform to access your data on the go. 

 Why Should We Use the Salesforce Mobile App? 

The Salesforce app offers you quick access to the features of CRM. You can access standard and customized objects through it. In addition to that visualforce pages through the app and a variety of other work related activities.  


You can access your records, update, edit and delete them via the salesforce app. Other actions that can be performed through the app include: 


  • You can send push notifications through the smartphone app 
  • Submission of a record for approval 
  • You can access a listview and other related lists as required 
  • The simplified navigation menu allows you to access apps and custom apps  
  • You can also navigate to various other componsnts and visual force pages through it 
  • Salesforce folders and files can also be viewed through the app 
  • You can also view dashboards, reports and lightning charts via app 


Features of Salesforce Mobile Apps 

Some prominent features offered by the amazing salesfroce app are mentioned as following: 

  • The putstadning app is powered by Salesforce an industry leader 
  • The app offers point and click tools that allow you to create your own application 
  • Every salesfroce licencse includes a salesforce mobile app 
  • You can easily download the salesforce app from App store or Google play store 
  • Salesforce app can be accessed offline 
  • It allows you to access your business data in a quicker and smarter way 
  • The salesforce CRM app utilizes metadata to work seamlesslessly  


Steps to Install Salesforce for Android & Iphone 

Salesforce mobile app is available for both android and IOS platforms. It can also be accessed via supported mobile browsers. You can download the app from Google Play and iTumes from the following links: 



The following steps are followed to install and setup Salesforce on your smartphones: 


  1. Download salesforce app from the google play store or itunes 
  1. Install the app and open it  
  1. The welcome page will be shown. Click on “I Accept” to move forward 
  1. The logn screen will appear. Enter your Salesforce login credentials and click on log in. 
  1. After entering correct details a verification code will be received at your registered email address 
  1. Enter the received code 
  1. After that an Allow Access> screen will appear. It will ask permission to access the following: 


  1. Select allow button so that your salesforce mobile app can access your phone’s information. 
  1. Click on Get Access to access information on your salesforce account. 


  1. The Home page will be shown with a navigation menu and hamburger menu. You can add multiple salesforce accounts through the app. The default navigation menu contains the following options: 
  • Feed 
  • Today 
  • Productivity Apps 
  • Organization pages 
  • Recent  
  • Help 
  • More 




Steps to Enable Salesforce For Mobile Browser 

After installation of Salesforce app on both IOS and Android you need to grant access to the browser by following these steps: 


  1. Go to > Setup | Platform tools | Apps | Mobile Apps | Salesforce Settings. 
  1. Select Salesforce settings 
  1. Check enable salesforce for mobile browser app checkbox and click on save 


Granting Salesforce Access to Users 

Giving access to users allows them to redirect directly to mobile browser apps after loggin in. It is done in the following steps: 


  • Navigate toSetup | Administration | users | Edit your user. 
  • Select the Salesforce1 user checkbox as shown below. If this option is turned off then the user is redirected to the salesforce site. 





The above article demonstates easily and simple steps to install and steup salesforce mobile app. This will allow you to access your business information anywhere, anytime and enhances your performance and productivity.