How do I contact KLM to change my flight date?

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KLM is a largest flight in a netherlands & its provide a good and fast service.

How do I contact KLM to change my flight date?

Have you made your reservation with the KLM airlines? Or, due to unavoidable circumstances, you couldn't board a flight with the KLM airlines. Being its customers, you are not aware of how you Change flight dates in KLM airlines and get exemplary services. 

There is a set of procedures that you have to follow to change flights with KLM airlines.

  • First and foremost, do visit and navigate the website of the KLM airlines. 
  • Do mention the passenger's PNR number, last name, or address. 
  • Please scroll down the screen down there you will find its homepage which says manage my booking. 
  • Do click on the option which says manage my booking. Once you click on there, you find the option which says edit. Do click on there. 
  •  Once you click on the edit option, you can make changes in your dates or the flight dates you wish to travel. There is a specific amount KLM charges to change flights with KLM airlines which passengers have to pay. 
  • After making changes, click on the submit button. Changes fees charges will be applicable by the KLM airlines. 
  • Once you click on the submit, you get the official mail from the KLM representatives stating that your changes are being made, and the airline's official acknowledges your payment. 
  • You can easily change flight KLM with its online procedures. 
  • Your dates will be changed as promised, and you do get the new e-ticket in your official mail. 

Unlike any other airline, KLM has a flight change policy and procedures or terms and conditions that you have to follow while canceling your reservation. The KLM airlines guide you for better services or offer you an open platform wherein you can easily use the benefits of the KLM airlines. 

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