Zayn Malik Gives Us Another Taste Of His Forthcoming Solo Album With New Song ‘Rainberry’

Posted 5 years ago in MUSIC STYLE.

It's a cheerful Friday to be sure! Zayn Malik has discharged one more solo tune, paving the way to his new collection. Tune in to the track here!

Zayn Malik Gives Us Another Taste Of His Forthcoming Solo Album With New Song ‘Rainberry’

Directioners cheer! Zayn is back with another crush, and his most recent solo track is unadulterated flawlessness. The 25-year-old crooner discharged "Rainberry" on Nov. 30, and it's about the hardships of affection. Despite the fact that Zayn and his woman Gigi Hadid are the image of joy, that doesn't mean he can't locate his dull place every once in a while. "Rainberry" is presenting to every one of us the feels, and the crooner composed the track about a man thinking about whether his woman is missing another person. So outrageous!

Its a well known fact that Zayn has the most dedicated fans around, and they are now OBSESSED with the artist's new track! "Woke up to be honored," one Twitter client composed after awakening and hearing the new track. Another responded by saying, “omg omg omg.” Same, girl — same.

Like we stated, Zayn is so stricken with Gigi, and they look more joyful than any time in recent memory! Indeed, a source EXCLUSIVELY disclosed that they may even be going towards marriage. "They discuss marriage and having children constantly," the source said. "Furthermore, seeing Zayn's previous bandmates Louis [Tomlinson] and Liam [Payne] have children has given Gigi a dash of infant fever as well," they included. "Be that as it may, – she isn't influencing him into settling on any significant choices. While she would love a wedding band over the occasions, she isn't expecting one at any point in the near future."

To those seeking after Zayn to by and by connection up with his previous One Direction band individuals, don't hold your breath. The now solo vocalist conceded that they don't stay in contact at all nowadays! In another meeting with British Vogue magazine he uncovered some stunning new subtle elements. "I ain't addressed any of them for quite a while, to be completely forthright with you," he said in the Dec. issue of the distribution. "That is only the manner in which it is. Things occur and things that were said after I cleared out. Scornful things. Little things that I could never have anticipated." For now, we'll be sticking to each bit of solo music from Zayn that we can get!