Kanye West Upset After New Kim Kardashian & Ray J Tape Leaks: He Feels ‘Disrespected’

Posted 5 years ago in CELEBRITY.

Kanye West is seeing red after an old video of Kim Kardashian sucking on a penis-formed pipe reemerged. In any case, Kanye isn't angry with Kim. It's her video co-star, and ex, Ray J that is got 'Ye warmed.

Kanye West Upset After New Kim Kardashian & Ray J Tape Leaks: He Feels ‘Disrespected’

Kanye West, 41, and Kim Kardashian, 37, have been hitched for a long time and have three charming children, North, 5, Saint, 2, and Chicago West, 10 months. Yet, before Kim settled down with Kanye and turned into a mother, she had a lot of wild occasions. Also, now, on account of a recently reemerged video of Kim getting extremely playful with her ex-boyfreind Ray J,37, we're all getting a notice of exactly how wild she used to be. 

"Kanye isn't glad about the most recent Kim and Ray J tape. Kanye is incensed, has a cluster inquiries concerning the penis pipe tape and feels almost certain Ray J is behind the most recent hole. Kanye is requesting a few answers, he needs to realize why Ray J would release this tape, and in the event that Ray didn't spill, who did? While Kim is humiliated over the entire circumstance, Kanye is disturbed and feels affronted," our source says. We don't censure Kanye for feeling along these lines. Let's face it — who truly needs to see their intimate romance getting wicked with another person?

Also, if this stunning video of Kim sucking on a penis-molded pipe with Ray J wasn't at that point sufficiently hard for Kanye, a second source discloses to EXCLUSIVELY that it's opening up old injuries and helping him to remember Kim's sex tape with Ray J. "At a certain point Kanye was about the sex tape with Kim and Ray J, however now that he is hitched and a dad to Kim's children it copies him to see that the tape is as yet referenced individuals still observe it and that it is as yet a thing. He is disturbed that Ray J will dependably be associated with the tape. In any case, Kim is attempting to promise him that he should proceed onward shape it and concentrate on more imperative things. She doesn't need it to wind up a thing despite the fact that he is beginning to make it a thing." Yikes, sounds like a considerable measure to manage. We certainly feel for Kanye in this circumstance yet we need to concur with Kim, the best activity is advance and leave Ray J — and his penis-molded pipe — before.