You need to Practice gratitude journal

Posted 2 years ago in HEALTH EATING.

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You need to Practice gratitude journal

How to practice gratitude journal?

It might feel like the world is in different situations right now , due to coronavirus crises . But no matter what situation you are in there is likely an abundance of things for which we can be gratefulfor, whether it’s the hard work of our NHS  workers , the kindness of unknown, or even just being able to sit  with our family happily, there are plenty of things for gratitude you can learn and know how to be grateful.

Make it into a ritual

Think how you can make time for this, when you mention in your journal, one that is important and something you deffinately look forward to it. Decide the time of the day to do it: many people prefer it in morning, others prefer right before bed.  But be consistent every day. “Treat yourself to a beautiful notebook and a pen of your  colours, “When you’re writing it, have cup of tea in your mostfavoriteCup, play  your favorite song that makes you happy, you can even light a lovely-smelling candle. Sit  comfortably somewhere. Make it feel relaxing and mindful, as this will put you in a positive space.


“Start writing down the things you’re grateful for, and don’t stop until you done, You should try to have a list of at least ten things every day. Some things will be the same as other days, while others will be  new completely.

 Think about what you have gained so far , This one is  little harder, but once you started  thinking, you might find there are lots of good things, and a chance to step off the treadmill of busy, everyday life,Other benefits can be spending more time with your kids, having a chance to do get some time and spending with your friends and helping you realise what’s important in life and you learn how to help others.