How Renting DVC Points Straight Mouth Experts

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Earlier, I mentioned the benefits of renting DVC points. I see the process as the ultimate tool for Disney fans.

How Renting DVC Points Straight Mouth Experts

Earlier, I mentioned the benefits of renting DVC points. I see the process as the ultimate tool for Disney fans. All attendees will enjoy dream vacations at some of Walt Disney World's most famous resorts. Today, however, I want to take a different approach. I would like to give the employees of the three main points leasing companies the opportunity to share their views on how they would like the process to be run. I hope you find this discussion informative. That's what the experts say about renting DVC points.

What is the advantage of renting DVC points?

There are many advantages to renting DVC points. First, you can Stay At Disney Resorts & Save 50% With David's DVC Points for a fraction of what you'd pay if you book directly through Disney. We all know how expensive Disney is, so why not save some money?

By renting DVC points, you have the opportunity to experience all the superior facilities of Deluxe Villa Resorts. As a Guest of a DVC Member, you will continue to have access to all services available to Guests staying at a Disney Property. Some of these amenities include three different Disney Vacation Club meal plans, My Disney Experience, Fast Pass+, 180-day advance meal reservations, Disney's Magical Express and Extra Magic Hours. The real question is, "why don't you borrow points?"

By renting DVC points, you can stay at luxury resorts for the same price as many decent resorts. Rates are usually 40-50% cheaper than Disney when the same rooms are booked. We also know that many of our former tenants later became DVC members. We have many families who rent points as part of an expedition to see one or two properties they are considering purchasing. A great way to take your station for a "test drive" before making the actual purchase.

The biggest benefit for the guest is the ability to use one of Disney's luxury hotels directly at well below the cost of booking. Typically, the visitor will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In many cases, these savings will even exceed the savings offered at Disney promotional prices. Additionally, DVC Credit rentals give customers the opportunity to try the product before spending thousands of dollars on a DVC membership.

What should the customer know about the rating process?

The main thing to remember is that DVC rooms run out much sooner than regular rooms. While you can go to the Disney website and find a room available at the Grand Floridian next week, the same room may run out 10 months in advance due to popularity and the discount offered with rentals.