How can I unlink my phone number from Google Voice?

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How can I unlink my phone number from Google Voice? simply connect with official websites all process are available easily all doubt fixed.

How can I unlink my phone number from Google Voice?

Google Voice provides unlimited low-cost call services worldwide. This service includes various different things like Email, phone calls, voicemails and so much more. You can register your phone number and experience the service. Also, you can unlink your phone number at the same time without any hassle.


The guide mentioned below will help you know what are the steps to unlink your phone number from Google Voice so that you will be able to delete or unlink your phone number from the application. In case you want to register it again in the future, you can do it as well easily.


Steps to unlink the phone number from Google Voice

  • Open the Google Voice application through any web browser on any of the devices you are using.

  • Now you can sign in to the account that you have using the phone number that you have registered.

  • Further, you will be directed to the new page in which you will see the “settings” option.

  • From the left section, you can click on your account to start the process.

  • Now, open the Google voice number and select the number that you want to delete. There might be a possibility of various numbers available, so you have to choose between them which you want to delete.

  • After selecting the number, click on the “delete” option and follow further instructions given on the screen to confirm the procedure.

  • Once you get done with the on-screen procedure, your number will get unlinked from Google Voice.

  • Finally, you will get the confirmation mail or message regarding the same shortly from Google Voice.


The above steps you can use to unlink your phone number. Keep this in mind, you have to port your phone number before deleting it from Google Voice. You are not allowed to port your mobile number to Google Voice account from any of the organizations in the near future. If you find any trouble regarding the service, you can drop an Email regarding your requests to get quick assistance.


If you are wondering how can I unlink my phone number from Google Voice? So, the steps that are mentioned above will help you to unlink your phone number from the Google Voice account. For further assistance, you can contact the customer care service of Google Voice and can clear all the problems you are facing using your voice account.