Buy high-class gold-plated male boss gifts

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If you want to show your gratitude to your old boss, you should give priority to buying gifts with a long shelf life such as souvenirs, decorations with integrated multi-functions... This gift can be used and looked at. watch every day. Your image in the boss's eyes also leaves a d

Buy high-class gold-plated male boss gifts

Top 10 gifts for male bosses who have changed jobs today

Painting of feng shui sailboat gilded

This is one of the best selling gift samples at Phuc Tuong Gold. The painting of a gilded sailboat is exquisitely crafted from precious metal threads, combining the skillful hands of the craftsman to form blocks in the shape of a boat. This is definitely a very meaningful job transfer male boss gift. 

Gold-plated tiger paintings and statues 

boss gift

Gold-plated bodhi leaves

Gold-plated money tree

Gold-plated arowana painting 

 In feng shui, arowana fish is one of the animals that symbolizes prosperity, luck and fortune. Therefore, the feng shui gold-plated arowana painting also has a good meaning, so it becomes an extremely appropriate gift for a male boss to transfer for a job. 

Gold-plated money toad

Feng shui dragon painting 

 Since ancient times, in the minds of Vietnamese people, the Dragon has always been considered a sacred object; is the main animal of the four spirits. The dragon is a symbol of power. In feng shui, the Dragon helps to attract positive energy and yang energy; Help bring money and good luck to the owner. Hanging the dragon image in the house will bring abundant health to the owner; At the same time, against bad energies, warding off evil spirits and bringing good luck to your home.

Gold-plated pen plug

Gold-plated golf player statue 

 If your boss is a golf aficionado, giving a golf-related gift is a good choice. Your boss will be very impressed with this gift. Because you understand your boss very well. This gift will follow the boss to the new workplace and the boss will never forget the colleague and subordinate who is you.  

Gold-plated copper drum

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