Mua qua tang cho sep nguoi nuoc ngoai

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If you do not know your boss's preferences or find it difficult to choose a suitable gift, the simplest way is to choose traditional handmade gifts, specialties, typical of each region, of Vietnam. Surely there is not a boss who does not like these gifts after a long time of workin

Mua qua tang cho sep nguoi nuoc ngoai

Top 10 most impressive gifts for foreign bosses 

Gold-plated copper drum 

 The bronze drum is not only a national treasure of Vietnamese culture, but also a symbol of the sacred soul of our nation from ancient times to the present day. It was formed during the time of the Hung Kings who built the country and crystallized the national quintessence in the historical process of building and defending the country, then spreading the cultural beauty to this day. 

 Gold-plated copper drum face or gilded bronze drum picture are high-class, elegant and meaningful gifts to give gifts to foreign bosses working in Vietnam. .

Picturesque rice 

Rice painting is a rather specific line of paintings, imbued with the national identity of the Vietnamese people. These works of art are made with rice grains made by Vietnamese people. To color the painting, the artist must roast the rice grains until they reach a certain ripeness, then combine the small grains of rice with different colors to create the image of a village landscape painting. Simple, full of love. .

Gold plated lotus pot 

Painting of a gilded turtle tower

It is not difficult to understand when this is a gift symbol that is considered to be imbued with Vietnamese national identity. This gift model is very popular with foreigners. Therefore, if you have a headache choosing a gift for a foreign boss, the turtle tower icon or turtle tower painting is a unique suggestion for you. 


 Natural silk can be used to sew clothes, scarves ... both beautiful and luxurious. Therefore, silk products are always a valuable gift to give to international friends, including your boss. 

The model of the temple

Souvenirs made from bamboo

 Anyone who loves Vietnam knows that the bamboo tree is a symbol of the Vietnamese nation, showing the loyalty and resilience of the Vietnamese nation. So, what is more meaningful when tourists visit Vietnam and receive a gift made from Vietnamese bamboo. With their meticulousness and ingenuity, artisans can create many wonderful works from bamboo for daily use or sculpt them in various shapes, whether it is a boat, a boat, or a boat. cyclos, animals or beautiful pictures. 

Model of a gilded one-pillar pagoda

It is a symbol of Vietnamese culture, religion and life. The temple was built with unique architecture, located in the middle of a fragrant lotus pond. One-pillar pagoda is a cultural image that goes into poetry during festivals and Tet. This is also a famous tourist attraction that makes foreign tourists fall in love with Vietnamese culture. 


 Ao Dai is the traditional costume of the Vietnamese people from ancient times to the present. The Ao Dai is handmade with a very special design that exalts the beauty and sensuality of a woman, but is also extremely basic and elegant. 

Model of a gilded sailboat 

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