Mua qua tang cho sep nguoi nuoc ngoai

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If you do not know your boss's preferences or find it difficult to choose a suitable gift, the simplest way is to choose traditional handmade gifts, specialties, typical of each region, of Vietnam. Surely there is not a boss who does not like these gifts after a long time of workin

Mua qua tang cho sep nguoi nuoc ngoai

15 Tet gifts for your boss you shouldn't miss 

Gold-plated tiger statue - the mascot of 2022

Tiger's Day, of course, cannot be without the tiger mascot. It is a gift that many people are looking for and waiting for. Currently, the gold-plated tiger statue at Phuc Tuong Gold has many different designs, suitable for Tet gifts to luxury bosses in the upcoming year of the Tiger in 2022.

boss gift

Gold-plated Phuc word painting 

Gold-plated ashtray

Orchid flower pot gilded 

Orchid is a symbol of regal beauty, wealth and is the "king" of flowers. Orchids carry the meaning of wealth, love and eternal beauty. Therefore, choose a pot of gilded orchids with delicate beauty in each line, a unique gift for your boss in the new year. 

In addition, in the past, many people often bought orchids to play Tet, but the care took a long time, not everyone took care of the lush orchids. Therefore, the gold-plated phalaenopsis orchid pots are not only beautiful, luxurious and precious, but also have the strength of long-term durability, which makes Phalaenopsis orchid pots more valuable and popular in recent years. 

Gold-plated horse statue

Gold-plated wish-fulfilling staff


Give wine, especially red wine, as a meaningful wish for prosperity. The bottles of wine bring luxury beauty, delicious taste. Furthermore, science proves that wine is very beneficial for your health when consumed in moderation. And in addition, the rich, passionate wine contributes to creating endless fun at the beginning of the new year. 

Gold-plated brooch accessories

Phuc Loc Tho word painting 

Phuc Loc Tho painting set is the most complete wish in life wishes. The word Phuc symbolizes luck, happiness, the word Loc symbolizes the recognition of achievements and fortune, the word Tho symbolizes a long and fulfilling life, full of children and grandchildren. 

With luxurious design, special red - yellow color, this set of paintings is an appropriate gift to make the Tet atmosphere more warm and welcoming. 

Gold-plated bodhi leaves

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