How do I create a WordPress Theme

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How do I create a WordPress Theme

For this example, I would set the question limit to 58 characters.


Like the Page Title, this attribute should be set to display your question title. A lot of designers will set the content title to something other than an H1. While it isn’t critical that you have a keyword rich H1 tag, I have still seen positive benefits from using an H1 tag and encourage the use of it.

Example: How do I create a WordPress Theme. Read:

PRO tip

It is much easier to work with designers and developers throughout the creation process rather than trying to fix SEO elements after the fact. Try and infuse SEO (and yourself) in every step of the production process. You can do this by setting up “SEO reviews” that each step of the project has to go through or by setting up recurring meetings with the people creating the product to answer any questions and give feedback (tell them what needs to be fixed).


Your slug should be formatted with the content title and a numerical identifier. I also recommend putting as few folders in the URL as possible. It tends to be better for users if you use shorter URLs, it is much easier for users to copy/paste, read to someone, or write down. When you have a short URLs and users paste your link somewhere without using anchor text, you are getting better anchor text than if your had several folders in the URL as you won’t have semi relevant words in the URL. Don’t forget, use dashes instead of underscores or spaces.


Meta Description

While you could just take the first 156 characters of the content, it is better to ask users to provide a brief overview of the question to use as the Meta Description. Frequently the beginning of a question is build up and background information that doesn’t really get at what the question is. Asking for a brief description with audio transcription software gets a better overview of the question than taking the meta description directly from the content.

Alt Text

If users want to upload an image, require that they write a short description for it. Having alt text for all your images is a requirement for being W3C compliant and having keyword rich alt text helps reinforce your keyword targeting for the page. Typically you want to use 3 – 5 words to describe the image.

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