How to Quickly Rectify QuickBooks Error 100?

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QuickBooks Error 100 can occur when the user is first installing the application package onto their computer, and they select 'Express' mode. (If you're not using QuickBooks POS Express, then this actually applies to anyone running QuickBooks 2012 or later.):

How to Quickly Rectify QuickBooks Error 100?

Getting Error 100? Fix it with the best technical guide:

Solution 1: To fix QuickBooks error 100, if it appears that you are receiving this error because of the express installation option you chose during your installation process, simply go back through your setup steps (including choosing custom instead of express) and complete setting up your software again according to all instructions provided to you by Intuit technical support staff.

Solution 2: If you have already set up your service account in QBPOS, but now receive QuickBooks Error 100 when you try to login for the first time, be aware that QBPOS does not auto-save your service account information. You must re-enter it every time you start your POS software and then attempt to sign in. To fix QuickBooks Error 100 when attempting to log into your POS software, simply re-enter your Intuit merchant service account username and password each time you begin a new session instead of allowing the system to remember this for you automatically.

Solution 3: If you have received QuickBooks error 100 while upgrading from one version of QuickBooks POS (Enterprise/Retail) and need to downgrade for any reason, the only way to do so with Intuit technical support staff is if they can verify that there is no data currently stored in this POS account and that the application has been deactivated through Intuit's system. 

Solution 4:  If you're running QuickBooks Point of Sale Enterprise or Retail edition, and you receive QuickBooks error code 100 while trying to launch the software, this could be caused by an installation issue because:

Solution 5: To fix QuickBooks Error 100 when attempting to re-install QBPOS onto a different/new computer than the one where it was originally installed on, uninstall your QuickBooks POS software, remove all data from the app, completely erase all files and folders related to QuickBooks Point of Sale Enterprise or Retail edition on your computer by using a free software removal application such as the one linked below. After removing all associated files/directories which are located in the same folder where QBPOS was originally installed onto your old computer, you are now ready to install QuickBooks POS onto your new computer without having to worry about getting QuickBooks Error 100 due to an installation issue.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Retail edition (formerly known as QuickBooks Retail) and Enterprise editions; If you attempt to upgrade from an older version to the latest version on your computer, and receive QuickBooks error code 100 when trying to launch QBPOS: 

Solution 6: If you have received QuickBooks error code 100 while attempting to upgrade from a previous version of QuickBooks Point of Sale Retail or Enterprise edition onto the current one that is available for download on Intuit's site, then this means that unless Intuit technical support staff can see in their system logs that you have uninstalled whatever older version(s) of QBPOS was/were installed

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