Why Study Architecture in 2022? ICRI Reviews

Posted 2 years ago in EDUCATION.

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Why Study Architecture in 2022? ICRI Reviews

Enrolling in a prestigious institute like ICRI Bangalore to attend and get a degree in architecture can be one of the finest experiences for a student. The experience of learning different aspects of architecture can truly be beneficial and rewarding. If you are soon going to say goodbye to your school and enter the whole new world of ‘higher studies’, then you must opt for architecture this year. 


Do you need some concrete reasons to enroll for the same? Before you read the ICRI India reviews and go out, check out the following points to decide better:   


  • Become an outstanding problem-solver

When you join the right type of institute, the faculties will help you learn how to take a pile of information and data for interpretation and design a building. This is called the design process. And when you know how to investigate and find the solutions for a problem, you will become an effective problem-solver. This approach will not only help you on a professional front but make you smarter to deal with problems that come into your life.


  • Travel the whole world

Even though some universities i.e. ICRI Bangalore may help architecture students travel the different corners of the world to see what has been created on the other side, you can also come out of your bubble and see the architectural excellence. By traveling to different places, you will get to know how people of those states and countries live. This will help you broaden your perspective to see things. And yes traveling is essential for architecture students.


  • Learn to make things

Do you love designing new things? If yes, then architecture is for you. We are saying this because when you join a leading institution like ICRI after checking reviews, you will get to know that the teachers let students make and produce things constantly. Drawings, sketches, 3D computer drawings, models, paintings, renderings, collages, portfolios, photographs, etc. are some of the activities that architecture students generally do. If you also have a passion to create something, then architecture is the best course for you.


  • You will learn how to think out of the box

When you read the ICRI reviews, you will realize that students who have completed their architecture degree from this leading institute really praise the way teachers help students. They help students so that they can look at the problem in as many different ways as possible. They teach that finding a solution is not only about going from point A to reach point B. Instead, they tell them about the whole journey to find the solution. When students are taught this, they automatically start thinking out of the box.


  • Meet new people and make new friends

Architecture is not only about being inside the 4-wall class. Instead, you will get a chance to meet new people to make new friends. In addition to this, you will also be provided with numerous opportunities to interact with industry leaders. This will not only help you make a strong professional network but you will also have some like-minded friends.  



In addition to these, an institute like ICRI Bangalore helps architecture students find what they are capable of and what their ultimate goal in life is. It is true that architecture studies are not easy but the objective of this course is to create smart, dynamic, well-rounded, and strong graduates who can easily move into the real world and become successful in architecture.

Samiksha Sethi

Living in India