How to Choose the Best Quilted Puffer Jackets for Women

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We all want to go for the best when shopping online. Ladies do a lot of exploring when scrolling through 'shop online girls fashion accessories.'

How to Choose the Best Quilted Puffer Jackets for Women

What we want is the best quality accessories. As such, ladies are known to be more concerned about the quality of their accessories than men.

One of the few accessories’ ladies care about is the quilted puffer jackets for women. This jacket is a ladies' favorite wear, especially in winters. They are known to be specially made jackets used for maintaining warmness even in a Sub-Zero temperature. Aside from this, they are also good fashion wear that can make you look exceptional.

A tight quilted puffer jacket is always a lightweight and compressible jacket. Air can easily be compressed out to make it easier for you to carry around without stress. The ease of transportation is due to its foldable features. There are also options to choose a jacket with a waterproof shell in case you engage in skiing or snowboarding.

Since girls love quality when they shop online girls fashion accessories, it is the same for quilted puffer jackets. To choose the best, you must consider certain features. This article will inform you on what to look out for in choosing the best-quilted puffer jackets for women.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Quilted Puffer Jackets for Women

When you 'shop online girls fashion accessories, you mustn't just choose any jacket with a nice product image. You should critically consider its specifications to see if it is the best for you. 

The following are what determine quality in a quilted puffer jacket;


The weight of quilted puffer jackets for women can determine two things about the jacket. The weight can determine the insulation of the jacket. The weight of the jacket also determines its foldability of the jacket. 

Therefore, the heavier the weight, the warmer the jacket. If you want a jacket that will best keep you warm, you can choose to go for the heavier ones. However, if you care less about the insulation and care more about the transportation of the jacket, you may want to go for the ones with a lesser weight.

Quilted design

The quilted design of a puffer jacket matters a lot. There are four different types of quilted designs: diamond, triangle, horizontal, and vertical. The quilting can both be done outside or inside of the jacket. The design can both determine the weight or the insulation of the jacket.

A horizontal quilted design is puffier, while the diamond and the triangular designs are lightweight. The designs help in trapping air and keeping the jacket warm for a longer time.


The insulation of the quilted puffer jackets for women is an important thing to consider. The insulation of the jacket determines the warmth of the jacket in different temperatures such as severe cold and mild cold. There are two types of insulation, namely down insulation and synthetic insulation. 

The down insulation makes use of natural insulation, as seen in birds. The down insulation jacket is filled with the down feathers of birds like ducks or geese. The down clusters trap heat more efficiently. The greater the loft or the fill power of them down, the more lightweight and insulative it will be.

Moreover, synthetic insulation is the scientific method created to mimic natural down insulation. It involves the use of polyester fiber clusters with some technology to provide insulation. The advantage of synthetic insulation over down insulation is that the former does not lose its insulation when wet, while the latter can do. The insulation remains the same even in a rainy or humid temperature, which is impossible in down insulation.

Final Submission

Quilted puffer jackets are one of the most-shopped girl accessories, especially in winter. When you shop online for girls' fashion accessories, you need to be informed on how to go about it. To choose the best-quilted puffer jackets, you must consider the specifications. You need to check for conditions such as the weight, quilted design, and the type of insulation.

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