Get your bra size before you order that bra

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Most women around the globe have never felt the need to get their breasts measured to see if they are wearing the correct size bra.

Get your bra size before you order that bra

They mostly go on wearing the same size as that of their last bra since it feels comfortable to wear. What they forget to take into account is that just like all the body parts change in size as we lose or put on weight, the breasts too change in size. Since you started wearing jeans, you haven’t stuck to the same size of jeans have you? So why do you want to stick at the same bra size all your life when you can follow some simple steps, get yourself measured and buy a bra in your size to make your assets look more stunning than ever.

If you still need more convincing, stand in front of a mirror and look for these obvious signs which will tell you that your breasts need to be measured for perfect bra size.

Spillage- A smaller cup size would cause spillage from the front and sides. You would face the problem of a double boob which will be quite evident from under your clothes. Not only does it look unappealing but it also causes pain in your breasts in the long run. A bigger cup size, on the other hand, will not give the desired round and smooth effect that a good bra is supposed to give. It would give you a flat chest look and your breasts would not get the support that they need, not to mention the problem of your breasts jiggling with every movement of yours.

The Band riding up- A smaller band size than what you actually require would cause this problem. A smaller band size would also cause back bulges that will look unseemly. The band is supposed to provide support to your breasts and thus needs to be of a perfect size.

The basic requirement

All you need is a measuring tape, a mirror to stand in front of and a well-fitted bra which is not padded. Then, you simply need to refer to a bra size calculator readily available online. Now let’s tell you how to measure your bra size.

Calculating the band size

To calculate the band size of your bra, all you need to do is measure yourself in the underbust area, the part of your chest right under the breasts. This is where the bra band will sit. Make sure that the tape is neither too tight nor hanging too loose and is not upturned at the back. Whatever is the number that you arrive at, round it off to the nearest whole number. This whole number, if even, add 4 inches to it and if odd then add 5 more inches to get the final figure.  If the measuring tape showed you a 27.7, round it off to 28 which is an even number. Add 4 inches to it to get 32 which is your band size.

Calculating the cup size

You need to measure the fullest part of your breast with the tape not being too tight or loose again. The number that you get needs to be again rounded off to the nearest whole number. From this whole number subtract the band size that you calculated. So if you got a 32 band size and your bust size is coming out to be 34 then your cup size would be 34-32 = 2 which tantamount to a B. So you would need to buy the bra size 32 B.

You can translate the figures into a bra size by referring to the bra size chart at Clovia.


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