How to Find a Good Ayurveda Doctor in Kerala?

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To be able to find a good Ayurveda doctor in Kerala is a tough task especially, when it is your first visit to India. The following article has a few suggestions to help you with the same.

How to Find a Good Ayurveda Doctor in Kerala?

There is a reason people are opting for Ayurveda doctors. For the same reason, Ayurvedic treatment in India is acknowledged across the world. Ayurveda doctors are considered the best healthcare providers in the society. Attributes of an ayurvedic doctor that helps them excel are:

  1. Thorough knowledge: Ayurveda doctors study anatomy, physiology and pathology of diseases in detail in 5.5 years of BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) medical course, both from Ayurveda as well as modern perspective. It gives them an edge over benefit over the other doctors to look at disease from both lenses.
  2. Good listeners: As per Ayurvedic principle, treatment of a patient lies in understanding the patient’s body such as the symptoms, their growth over a while, patient’s digestion, sleep, and diet pattern, mental health, etc. Hence, an ayurvedic doctor is a good listener and carefully pays attention to all the health complaints in detail.
  3. A thorough examination of the patient: After listening to the health complaints an ayurvedic doctor will always prefer a thorough examination of the patient. It gives them a better knowledge of patient’s disease and mental as well as physical state.
  4. Explain briefly: Ayurvedic treatment depends on different characters such as medicines, method of intake, home remedies, diet as well as lifestyle changes, etc. Therefore, while explaining the treatment, the doctor has to explain everything at length. They explain all the symptoms, thorough examination and appropriate treatments available as per the disease.

Such qualities define an ayurvedic doctor.

If you are planning for Ayurvedic treatment in India, visit Kerala. Being home to Ayurveda, it also has the best Ayurveda doctors from around the globe. Since most of the Ayurveda doctors will fulfill the qualities mentioned above; it may be difficult for you to find a good one in Kerala. The following article has a few tips you can use for the same:

  • Relevant experience as a fully-fledged practitioner: The more experienced your doctor is, easier it is for him to understand your concerns and health problems. It is easy for an experienced doctor to identify the issue and provide a suitable treatment.
  • Degrees from reputed college: When you plan for a certified course, you always check whether the school is accredited with Yoga Alliance or not. Similarly, while finding an ayurvedic doctor in Kerala, be sure to check degrees from a reputed college. Make sure that the doctor has a BAMS degree, postgraduate MD degree would be an extra benefit.
  • Specialization in traditional as well as modern methods of treatment: Though the medical course teaches Ayurveda doctor traditional and modern methods of treatment; specialization in the same will help them in identifying the disease and offer proper treatment. Also, verify Ayurveda treatments available with the doctor such as Nasyam, Vasthy, Shirodhara, Abhyangam, Panchkarma treatment in India, etc.
  • Specialization for curable or incurable diseases: You may be a sufferer of an incurable disease. If the doctor is unaware of the same, he will be unable to suggest a treatment. Whereas, specialization for curable or incurable disease helps the doctor in identifying the type of disease at the fundamental stage.
  • Feedback from an ex-patient or a patient undergoing a treatment: If you have chosen a well-renowned Ayurveda doctor, it is easy to get in touch with the patients undergoing treatment or those who went for treatment in the past. Feedback from patients helps you identify the success rate of the number of cured patients. It gives reassurance to your choice of doctor.

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