Say Yes To the Bridal Bra

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The wedding bells are ringing and so are those warning bells in our head, reminding you that you still haven’t shopped for your bridal lingerie.

Say Yes To the Bridal Bra

You cannot pass off your daily lingerie as bridal lingerie and just like your bridal clothes are special so should be your bridal lingerie. Before you say ‘ I do’ you need to go and shop for your bridal lingerie but don’t just go and shop for just about any bridal bra that comes in lace. Give some time and a little thought to some important pointers first.

• The bridal lingerie that you buy should cater to all the occasions that start right from your wedding functions to your honeymoon and after.  Make sure you have a list ready of all the functions and dresses handy when you go shopping.

• You don't want to buy something that you can just wear for your wedding and not after that. Similarly, you would want to carry some non-lacey bridal lingerie for your honeymoon; bras that are super sexy yet can be worn when you go sightseeing with your husband.
• Since a lot of bridal bras are a delicate piece of lingerie, make sure you store them safely in pouches made for such bras so that they stay in shape.

• Don’t feel shy or weird buying the bridal bra. It’s the start of a new phase for you and the start of your tryst with the bridal bra.

Now, about buying that perfect bridal bra, the first thing you must do is measure your breasts well so that you buy a bra that fits you well. Remember that your husband will be privy to your bridal bra collection and you don’t want to be adjusting or fidgeting your bra in your intimate moments or be seen wearing a loose or too tight a bra.

• Lace is a must

Your bridal bra shopping needs to start with a lace bra for it is almost a crime to not buy one. At Clovia, there is a gorgeous collection of lace bridal bras to choose from in ravishing colors. And even in lace, you will find umpteen bra styles like the bikini, the push-up bra, padded and non-padded bra. Lace has always been a sensuous fabric and a bridal bra in lace is a must-have for you.  

• Racerback push-up t-shirt bra

Since this is a racerback t-shirt bra it will come in handy both during your wedding functions as well as on your honeymoon. You can wear this with any of your wedding gowns and get a smoother rounder look for your breasts. The racerback style will help you wear it with your halterneck or racerback neck gowns easily. Afterward, it will be the perfect aide to your racerback tops and t-shirts.

• Underwire push-up bra

Planning on wearing a plunge neck cocktail gown for your wedding? The plunge neck bra is what you must pick pronto. The plunging neckline will give you the required space between your breasts and the underwire will give the required lift to your breasts, thus creating the perfect cleavage for you.

• The backless bra

Wear all your backless cholis and backless gowns in style with the backless bra that is going to come in handy for a long time. This bra comes with transparent shoulder straps and the transparent back band making it the perfect bra to be worn even with backless western attire.
• The bralette

The bralette is as sexy as it can get when it comes to bridal bras. You must carry a bralette on your honeymoon for wearing it both as a bikini, a bridal bra and as a top.

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